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Non-Zombie Post Alert: Jake Wizner’s SPANKING SHAKESPEARE Will Be a Movie!

All right, this alert is for all you Beating Hearts out there to feast on. Despite the zombie-ness of this week, I had to step off the Zombie Train for a second to e-squee about this news that came in today from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Jake Wizner’s SPANKING SHAKESPEARE, optioned to Paramount Pictures for feature film with Mark Canton producing, by The Gotham Group, on behalf of Marcia Wernick at Sheldon Fogelman Agency.

Oh. My. God. I love SPANKING SHAKESPEARE. I love Jake Wizner. I laugh so hard every time I read this book and — yes — with everything else I have to read, I still find myself compulsively reaching for this book.

If I’d been reading Variety, I would’ve figured this out last year but news travels slowly through my thick skull. And I am so psyched. If they get Michael Cera on this project… I could watch Michael Cera butter toast for two hours and then pay to see it again. And then buy it on BluRay the day it comes out. Just put Michael Cera in it. Please. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Now on a completely serious and zombie note, first… give me your delicious braaaaaaaains. Now that we’ve got that out of the way: I just did a rad interview with FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH author Carrie Ryan that I’ll be posting on Thursday. Hold on to your braaaaaaains, ladies and gents, this one will be awesome.

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