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How To Deal With Zombies, an Author Interview With Stacey Jay

Stacey Jay is the author of YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME, out right now from Razorbill. In it, main character Megan is a zombie Settler who solves zombie issues and helps “the Unsettled” return to their graves. For Zombie Week, I decided to catch up with her and find out her plans for the Zombie Apocalypse, how to deal with zombies and what’s on their filthy little minds.

KidLit: Where will you be if the zombie apocalypse ever comes? What essentials will you need to take with you?

Stacey Jay: I imagine I’ll be at home since I’m a stay at home mom-writer to young children. But that’s not a bad place to start when it comes to zombie apocalypses. I’d load up on diapers, baby food, Cheerios, juice boxes, and gasoline. (I wouldn’t want to have to stop to get gas because everyone knows zombies like to lurk in places like gas stations and shopping malls.) And, of course, I’d pile in a few weapons of zombie destruction. Usually not a good idea with a baby and a four year old, but if we’ve got an apocalypse on our hands, I’ll at least need a good sturdy garden hoe for whacking heads and taking names.

KL: What are the top skills you have to possess to be a good zombie Settler?

SJ: Well, a Settler–different than a Slayer, much more supernatural therapist than butt kicker–needs patience, compassion, and organization. Hearing the regrets of the dead can also take an emotional toll so I imagine faith and a positive world outlook would be helpful.

KL: What is the easiest way to disarm a zombie if you’re in a hurry?

SJ: Decapitation. Take the head and the rest of it becomes much easier to handle.

KL: What kind of zombie research did you do while writing YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME?

SJ: I focused on voodoo practices and black magic, then added my own finishing touches. I wanted the zombies to be recognizable, but still unique.

KL: If one of your zombies had a stream of consciousness monologue, what would they be thinking?

SJ: Well it would depend. A normal Unsettled’s stream of consciousness might sound something like this:

Man, I wish I hadn’t blah blah blahed or blackety blacked. What a lousy thing to do before I died. And what was with the dieting? I should have had that piece of cake. Maybe the whole cake. It seems wrong to die without cake. Mmmm….cake. Maybe there will be cake on the other side…once I get this unfinished business off my chest, I’m goign to ask that Settler chick if there’s going to be cake.

A black magically raised zombie, however, would probably be more:

Unggghhh! Blergh! Arggghhhh! Yummmmm…yummm….yummm…blergh!!!! Unghhhh!! *burp*

Thanks for having me Mary!

You can visit Stacey at her website or pick up a copy of YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME. Here are links: Amazon, Shop Indie Bookstores.

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