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Rick Riordan Event at Capuchino High School With Books Inc!

Hey all! I’ve been to two great events in the last couple days, Rick Riordan yesterday and Cindy Pon on Friday. I’m posting about them in reverse order. Here’s Rick and I’ll put up pictures from Cindy’s later this evening, because I’ve got to run off for a BBQ and pool party for Mother’s Day!

So, yesterday’s event with Rick Riordan was so much fun. There were over 500 people who came out to Capuchino High School in San Bruno to get books signed and hear a talk by the bestselling author. First things first: his name is pronounced “Rye-ordan” not “Ree-ordan,” as explained by Walter, emcee, bookseller and librarian extraordinaire. When I only know a name from reading it, I usually have no idea how to pronounce it. This is one of the many occasions where I’ve been saying it wrong for years.

You can tell immediately that Rick has spoken to a big crowd before. He has a warm, charming personality and really feels at home behind the microphone. The lighting in the auditorium was very dark and moody, otherwise I would’ve gotten some pictures of him speaking. He answered questions from kids and spoke about how his idea for Percy Jackson and a group of demigods originated from his son’s love of Greek mythology. When Rick ran out of myths to tell stories about, his son told him to make up a new one. And, since the Greek gods are technically immortal, the idea that they’re still around, making half-god babies and wreaking havoc, was born!

I was also impressed with how many projects Rick has coming out. Later this fall, he is launching a brand new series about a new generation of demigods coming to Camp Half-Blood and fulfilling new prophecies. Next year, he’ll also have another series, this one dealing with Egyptian mythology. And, if that wasn’t enough, he has a movie of THE LIGHTNING THIEF coming out in February, 2010, which is currently shooting in Vancouver with Uma Thurman and Pierce Brosnan.

After a short talk and some questions answered, Rick cheerfully took on the task of signing the thousands of books people brought. Almost everyone in the audience had more than one, if not an entire stack of them, for him to sign. Even though my mom never did get her coffee (Get it? Capuchino High School? I love you, Mom, but your stand-up act isn’t ready for prime time just yet), it was a great day and a wonderful chance to meet this rock star, bestselling author. Thanks to the crew at Books Inc. for making it happen.

Rick signing books, with Summer from Books Inc. helping out!

More signing!

I also have an announcement for who won the signed Rick Riordan book. I wasn’t able to get my hands on another copy of his latest THE LAST OLYMPIAN without getting out of the signing line, so I got a THE SEA OF MONSTERS paperback signed to… Click below to find out!

And the winner is Elaine, who wanted Rick to sign a book over to her son, Ethan! Congratulations!

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  1. Elaine’s avatar

    OMG!! I can’t wait to tell my son!!! He’ll be so excited!!! Obviously, I’m just a little excited, too! =)

  2. angela’s avatar

    Congrats, Elaine! That’s so awesome. And mucho thanks for the great run down of the event and for holding the contest in the first place, Mary!

  3. Henry Barnes’s avatar

    Uma Thurman was like a thousand times drop dead gorgeous when she was still younger.`;:


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