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BEA Warrior, Putting My Game Face On

So, for those keeping track, I flew in to NYC yesterday and had a delightful dinner at my favorite pizza place, Posto, with my agent friend Elizabeth. It was so great to catch up and, even though I might’ve protested at the time, she left me the last two pieces of the meatlover’s special with roasted garlic, which I ferreted up to my room and might or might not have eaten in bed while catching up on Twitter from the day.

Now it’s day 1 of BEA. I’m sad I missed the YA Author Carnival yesterday but I was stuck on the tarmack for an inexplicable hour after we landed, gritting my teeth, only to get stuck some more in rush hour traffic. Not the case today. Today I’m getting to the Javits, only three blocks from my hotel, early. How early, you ask?

CATCHING FIRE signing tickets early, aka. hours before the sun even thinks about rising:

The mist around New York was so thick yesterday that my plane only broke through the clouds about 20 seconds before landing. It’s no different today. The city outside my window is a very unattractive shade of flu booger yellow:

And now that I’m awake, I put on my game face:

And I… run across the street to Duane Reade for the toothpaste I forgot to pack… and then, it’s on. Although I did commit a very unpleasant tactical error. I read the only book I brought (who brings books to BEA?) on the plane yesterday, so I have nothing to entertain me in line except, well, hopefully, other crazed book fans who have no life and wake up at 4:30 a.m. to lay their hands on Suzanne Collins signing tickets.

Book nerds, into the fray! Stay tuned here for my BEA adventures.

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  1. Debbie Duncan’s avatar

    Thanks for the update (really), though I’m here pouting in Calif. Also: getting back to my REVISION.


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