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BEA Warrior, Soaked to the Bone

I went downstairs this morning and, to my surprise, not only was it flu booger yellow outside, it was also raining. So, in addition to toothpaste, I picked up an overpriced yet incredibly poorly-made umbrella. Then I tromped the three blocks to Javits and found my tribe, the early-rising book geeks:

You’ll have to excuse my pictures from this trip. There was no way I planned on hauling around my extremely nice but heavy Canon Rebel SLR. Knowing me, I’d either drop it or chuck it against a wall in frustration because the lighting inside the Javits is bound to be a pain in the butt to shoot manually. So I picked up an infuriating little Nikon CoolpieceofshitPix to take on-the-fly snaps with. (Good thing Best Buy has a return policy, s’all I’m sayin’…). So, with that as a caveat, below is the best shot of me and the line. The major blurriness is fitting, actually, as it’s a pretty dead-on reflection of my bleary state of mind right now:

More Javits:

Here are my signing tickets for today. First, just because he’s here, I got:

BAM! Next, I’m more than a little excited about:

And finally, the one that officially makes me the pretty little princess:

And here’s a nice shot of my hotel, the New Yorker, from in front of Javits:

On my way down 35th street, I encountered the biggest puddle ocean in the middle of the sidewalk and couldn’t go around it. So my shoes and the entire bottom quarter of my pants are soaked. Just in time for me to walk around in them all day long. There’s a PayLess across the street but I doubt they’ll open before I have to be at the Children’s Author Breakfast at 8. Oh well. I’m a book warrior and, after this quick update, I’m off to Javits again.

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  1. Erica’s avatar

    Sweet! That stinks about the rain! Continue with your great time 🙂


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