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BEA Warrior, Will Not Fall Asleep, Will Not Fall Asleep

What a whirlwind day! That doesn’t even begin to describe it but, since I’ve been up for about 15 hours at this point, that’s about the limit of my imagination/vocabulary. My day began, as I might’ve mentioned, early. Armed with a healthy dose of RedBull, I arrived at the Children’s Author Breakfast and had the very surreal experience of listening to Julie Andrews talk, Peter Yarrow (of “Puff the Magic Dragon” and Peter, Paul and Mary fame) sing, and Meg Cabot, Tomie DePaola and Amy Krouse Rosenthal talk.

After that, I went downstairs to start my long line of signings (and of long lines). Highlights: Neil Gaiman, Suzanne Collins, Scott Westerfeld, Mo Willems, three finalists from Top Chef, Emeril Lagasse, Adrienne Kress, Sarah MacLean and Ally Carter.

This took up most of my day. At the end of the afternoon, I caught YA Editors’ Buzz, with David Levithan, Arthur Levine, Ari Lewin, Krista Marino, Mark Siegel, Liz Szabla and Tara Weikum. What a blast to hear editors discuss the projects that make them squee! I managed to get through some pages of CATCHING FIRE while waiting in various lines (why yes, I am awesome, thank you very much) and then went to some editor meetings with the director of the agency. It was super cool to hear an agent and editor discussing projects and needs. I’ll be doing much more of that tomorrow.

Are you ready for some pictures? If you want your mind seriously blown, click the link below:

The Children’s Author Breakfast.

Julie Andrews!

Paul Yarrow!

Meg Cabot!

Mo Willems mugging for someone’s camera.

Ally Carter.

The line to get an ARC of CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins.

Sarah MacLean signing copies of THE SEASON. Yes, that’s Devyn from 5 Awesome YA Fans getting his book signed!

Chronicle Books. Woowoo! Repre-ZENT!

Hosea Rosenberg, Ariane Duarte and Hung Huynh from Top Chef signing their cookbook in the Chronicle booth.

And again.

And again. I love Top Chef, okay?

The lovely Adrienne Kress was so kinetic and animated it was hard to get a good picture of her. Oh well. Tomorrow I’ll do better!


For those of you who don’t know, Neil Gaiman is writing “I love you Mary, a lot, you are my muse… [rest redacted, personal in nature]”

Just because I was there, I took a snap of Joyce Carol Oates. Those books piled up next to her? Yeah, those are all the ones she wrote since sitting down. Last year’s pile was bigger.

Yes, I’ve revealed myself to be a food geek. Now, Emeril is pretty mainstream to have any foodie cred, but he’s freaking awesome, okay? BAM!

This is sadly the best picture I could get of Scott Westerfeld. I told you, this camera will die a slow, gadgety death as soon as I get home with it.

The panelists at BEA YA Editors’ Buzz.

And those are all my pictures for today. Sadly, didn’t get a shot of Suzanne Collins (the line was INSANE). Nor did I get to go to the Meg Cabot signing (see aforementioned insane lineage). But overall, a pretty good day. My feet are about to fall off and I might’ve dislocated my arm from hauling all those books but… such are the occupational hazards of a book geek.

Now I’m off to a bar and then, hopefully, to an early sleep. Then the adventure begins anew tomorrow!

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  1. Debbie Duncan’s avatar

    Thanks, as always, for the story (and pictures)!

  2. Kate Messner’s avatar

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing them – I passed on BEA this year but am loving all the pictures & stories, so thanks!!


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