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BEA Warrior Fail

Where, oh where, is yesterday’s tremendous gusto?

The kind that propelled me out of bed, to the Javits, into line, back home, to Javits again, into line, into line, into line, into line (and on and on and on)? I don’t know either. If you find it, let me know. Since I don’t think my blog displays the time of each post, I must tell you something that will make you tremendously disappointed in me. Yesterday’s wake-up call? 4:37. Today’s? 8:24. No crazy signing tickets, no pre-dawn running around.

However, there is a caveat to these very un-BEA-warrior numbers. The plain fact of the matter is that I went to bed around the same time I woke up yesterday. The sun was coming up. It was rather beautiful. Beautiful but deadly.

Whose grand idea was it to stay up all night, at a hoochie-infested 24 hour diner, no less? We’ll never know. Rest assured, it was an amazing time. First I went to the Kidlit Drinks get-together at Houndstooth (alas, the event was not in my honor, hehe…) and met some fabulous new friends. Then got talking and just… didn’t… stop. I swear, I was out and talking for so long that I must’ve told my life story — all the fine points included — three and a half times.

“There was this one time, with this peanut butter and banana sandwich…”

“We. Know.”


But it was incredible and now that I’ve had a shower and some time to get used to the idea of running on so little sleep, I’m feeling pretty human again.

On today’s agenda is a lot less signing. I’m going to one panel, a signing or two when I can fit them in, and then the rest of the day I’ll probably be walking the third level, which I didn’t do yesterday, and going to meetings. Tonight, there’s a fabulous get-together for Blue Boarders and then a party that I’ll be going to.

And then I’m going to sleep so hardcore and so much that I’m about 90% certain I’ll miss tomorrow morning’s flight. But hey, this is my first time here and I might as well take it to the limit, right guys? Right? Right? I’ll assume your silence to mean a resounding “HELL YES!”

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  1. Jen’s avatar

    Hey, awesome meeting you at the Kidlit Drinks Night last night! It was a blast. Love the site!


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