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Okay, fiction fans. Start your “squee”-ers!

The winner of CATCHING FIRE is…

Stephanie (@stephsbookspics)

The winner of SHIVER is…

Deb Marshall

E-mail me your addresses, you lucky, lucky readers!

In other news, I know things have been slow around the blog and for that I apologize. Next week is my birthday and, after that, I’ve got a whole slew of brand new reviews and articles to post. Thanks for entering my contest and reading the blog!


  1. Deb Marshall’s avatar

    SQUEE! Lol…of course my husband thinks I am total nut. Thank you, thank you and enjoy your holiday!


  2. Kate Pinn’s avatar

    Congratulations to Stephanie and Deb!

  3. Stephanie’s avatar

    OMG! I never, ever win anything! I’m so freaking excited!!!! Thank you SO much! (I emailed you yesterday, hope you got it!)


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