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Dispatches From My Old Life

So, in addition to being a musical theatre geek and a complete kidlit enthusiast, I am also a huge foodie.

One of the best jobs I’ve ever had, hands down, was working for a restaurant in Mountain View called Chez TJ.

I didn’t do anything important there, mind you. I came in as prep cook several times a week and peeled carrots, de-veined shrimp, shucked oysters, roasted beets and got yelled at a lot for my two left culinary feet.

Ah, those were good days. Seriously. And I had the extreme pleasure of working with a chef whose food is marvelous, divine… all the delicious adjectives under the sun. This guy is a rock star and a superhero and his name is Christopher Kostow.

Now, Chef moved on to Meadowood Napa Valley and is no longer at Chez TJ. After getting the SF Chronicle Rising Star Chef award and plucking a small galaxy of Michelin stars out of the sky, he is doing very well. And he should be. His food is amazing.

He’s doing so well, in fact, that I had to do a double take when I looked at July’s issue of Food and Wine Magazine. (A bad image of the cover can be seen above). My thought was: “Wow, that looks like Chef.”

Then I looked again.

“That IS Chef!”

He’s the one in the glasses in the middle-right of the cover. And he’s got his own page inside the magazine where he’s briefly profiled and which features one of his recipes. All this great success comes as no surprise to me, of course. But it is just so awesome to look on the cover of such a prestigious glossy and see someone I “knew way back when.” (HA! Like he wasn’t already a genius when I rolled up in my newbie Danskos to devil quail eggs for him…)

Congratulations Chef Kostow! Click here to read his page from the Food and Wine website.

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