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Back From New Orleans

About once a year, I like to visit New Orleans, which is one of my favorite US cities. I usually don’t post about my personal life and what I’ve been up to, since that’s boring to everyone but me, but this is somewhat writing-related, so indulge me a moment.

Basically, my goal is to keep writers everywhere and especially my clients from having to do what this guy does out on Royal Street:

Charming as this poet and his typewriter are, I want to make sure everyone has plenty of work and lots of good writing mojo as 2009 winds up.

Things with me are great. I’m working with some amazing clients whose projects I love, I’m getting lots of good queries and I’m enjoying every moment, even now that my mini-vacation is over. There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and all of you wonderful blog readers are definitely on the list.

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