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Back From New Orleans

About once a year, I like to visit New Orleans, which is one of my favorite US cities. I usually don’t post about my personal life and what I’ve been up to, since that’s boring to everyone but me, but this is somewhat writing-related, so indulge me a moment.

Basically, my goal is to keep writers everywhere and especially my clients from having to do what this guy does out on Royal Street:

Charming as this poet and his typewriter are, I want to make sure everyone has plenty of work and lots of good writing mojo as 2009 winds up.

Things with me are great. I’m working with some amazing clients whose projects I love, I’m getting lots of good queries and I’m enjoying every moment, even now that my mini-vacation is over. There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and all of you wonderful blog readers are definitely on the list.

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  1. Jade’s avatar

    I can’t believe 2009 is almost over! I’ve been reflecting too and I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve grown as a writer this year. I can’t believe I’ve almost finished my 5th ms for the year.
    I’m also so thankful that I took the plunge into the land of the blog and found awesome sites like this. Not to mention all my amazing blog friends.
    I can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store.

  2. ChristaCarol’s avatar

    I still just can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Where did November go?

  3. Mary’s avatar

    Jade and ChristaCarol — You are preaching to the choir, ladies! I cannot believe it’s almost 2010. Still, I can’t wait for it, either, because I know that lots of great things are in store and lots of awesome opportunities. Also, publishers will come back from their holiday slumber and we’ll get some good business done. 🙂

  4. Cassandra’s avatar

    I agree, we all have many blessings to be thankful for, especially this year.

    Again, I have to say that I love this website and check it everyday. With so much advice and answers to my questions, it’s no wonder!

  5. Karen Collum’s avatar

    As a nation, Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but as I’m married to a good ol’ southern boy from Alabama, our family does. It is my favourite holiday of all. When else do you get the chance to get together with family and friends, enjoy a delicious meal together (without any pressure of presents) and reflect on just how blessed we all are? It’s almost summer here, so the atmosphere isn’t quite the same, and we’ll be thankful almost a full day before you guys, but we’ll be joining you in counting our blessings, celebrating what we have and looking forward to another great year. This one has been tough for us as our 4-year-old son had open-heart surgery in September, but you know what? We’re even thankful for that! 2010 is going to be just wonderful 🙂


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