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Moving Day!

What better way to commemorate a big day than with embarrassing photographs? I wrote this post ahead of time, so I didn’t have to add to an already-hectic morning. Right now, I’m probably rolling out of bed, shoving Sushi in her carrier, and trying to get to the airport with my boyfriend, who has been kind enough to come out and celebrate my last week in California with me. All my stuff is shipped, all my remaining stuff is in storage, and San Francisco is wrapping itself up in its foggy coat and wondering why it feels so lonely.


(I think I’m technically pointing west here, instead of east, but whatever. I don’t know why, but I have always loved this picture of me on the S.S. Balclutha at the Hyde Street Pier. You can see the Coit Tower and the Transamerica Building through the rigging behind me. Arrrrrrr!)

I’m headed from my longtime home of San Francisco:


To probably the only other place I could ever call home…New York!


(That’s not a picture I’ll ever get to take again. Now you know why I wasn’t what you’d call “popular” as a kid. The whole “smiley face t-shirt, grunge-era flannel” combination was not as unusual as I’d like to think.)

I’m keeping a residence in California and will be back often to see family, friends, go to meetings, do Big Sur, and all that jazz. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to many new adventures and new successes as your east coast kidlit representative.


  1. KellieD’s avatar

    Safe travels to you and Sushi! Happy unpacking and settling!

  2. Anissa’s avatar

    Congrats on the big move!

  3. josh.ferrin’s avatar

    Yay, Mary! Good luck on your new adventures.

    And, yes, you weren’t the only one who wore smily face t-shirts accented with an earth-tone flannel.

    Ah, the 90’s. Now I’m feeling all nostalgic. I’ll have to go crank some Green Day and Weezer to complete the effect.

  4. Franziska Green’s avatar

    Those photos made my morning! There’s something wonderfully reassuring about seeing evidence of other people’s wardrobe misadventures. I recently pulled out a stone-washed denim jacket of mine from the attic. As a teenager, I’d sewn clothes labels all over it – did anyone else do that?! Grotesque but I have to keep it!

  5. Kate B.’s avatar

    Best, best, best of luck. The photos made me smile and I hope you love your new home.

    Thank you for thinking of us on the blog ahead of time!

  6. Cat Woods’s avatar

    Love your pics. Hope your journey is safe and fun.

    Love the smiley faces, by the way. I think we all have pictures of ourselves in similarly hideous outfits.

  7. Krista V.’s avatar

    Happy moving day, Mary!

  8. Jess Tudor’s avatar

    Hope you have an easy, stress-less move!!

    And I hear you on the unpopular kid thing… there was a picture in existence of my twin sister and I probably on that same boat, and we’re exactly in front of the Twin Towers. And I was wearing a blue plaid shirt, too.

  9. Marybk’s avatar

    Ha! Love the smiley shirt. Once again, congrats on your move, and I hope your trip is smooth, and that you find GOBS of success in your new home town.

  10. Jamie Harrington’s avatar

    Congrats! Next, move to Texas… seriously, all the cool kids are doing it!

  11. Laura Marcella’s avatar

    Good luck on this next adventure and HAVE FUN!!!

  12. Joan’s avatar

    Happy Moving Day! I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your new adventures in NY.

  13. Susanne Drazic’s avatar

    Great pictures. Good luck with the move and I hope it goes smoothly for you. Hope you have many great adventures and many great successes on the east coast! : )

    Susanne Drazic

  14. Kelley York’s avatar

    Good luck, Mary! We’ll miss you here in California! πŸ™‚

  15. Olleymae’s avatar

    Those are some really cool photos! I’m so glad someone else rocked the grunge flannel over-shirt look.

    I hope the move goes smoothly and you have fun getting settled!

  16. Bradlee’s avatar

    Welcome to the East Coast!

  17. shelley’s avatar

    We West coasters (Washington) will miss you! Safe journey!

  18. Jennifer’s avatar

    You’re breaking my heart with that grunge! Here’s to NY treating you kindly. Hands down: The bagels are better there.

  19. ChristaCarol’s avatar

    Squee! So happy for you. Love the pics. Hope you get settled in okay!

  20. Steph’s avatar

    Good luck with your move!

  21. Thomas’s avatar

    Good luck from me too. I’ve just moved to the south coast (as of last week), but that’s on the eastern side of the Atlantic, not far from the North Sea.

  22. Alison Stevens’s avatar

    I hope your move goes well, Mary. Good luck (to you and Sushi) getting settled quickly.

  23. Buffy Andrews’s avatar

    Have a safe trip east. Good luck with your new home:)

  24. Shari M.’s avatar

    Mary, I hope you and Sushi enjoy your grand new adventure.

  25. Toni’s avatar

    Bon voyage and welcome to the East Coast!

  26. Joseph Miller’s avatar


    May you have a safe trip and enjoy the Big Apple.


    PS: What’s wrong with flanel? That’s what I wore when I was in high school… back when was voted “Most Unique” by the senior class. πŸ˜‰

  27. Margo Kelly’s avatar

    YAY for your exciting new adventure!

  28. Lisa Gibson’s avatar

    Aww, you and Sushi have safe travels. πŸ™‚

  29. Angie S.’s avatar

    Love the pictures! The smiley face shirt took me back to my early teens and memories that made my day. Best of luck on the move!

  30. Natalie Aguirre’s avatar

    Good luck with the move. Enjoy your big adventure. It’s a big one in so many ways.

  31. Nichole Giles’s avatar

    Good luck! Moving is a lot of work, but what an exciting new adventure for you. I hope you love New York.

  32. Susan James’s avatar

    San Fran would be hard to leave. But what an adventure you and Sushi are having! Hope she likes travel more than my Kiki. You probably already know this, but Cheryl Klein lives in Brooklyn and she seems really nice (from her blog). You oughtta give her a call, if you haven’t already.
    (god, I’m such a mom)

  33. RobinC’s avatar

    Safe travels, Mary. How exiting for you!!

  34. RobinC’s avatar

    That’s exciting – sheesh.

  35. Diana Murray’s avatar

    Great photos!! πŸ™‚ Good luck with your move. San Fran is beautiful, but I think you’ll feel right at home in New York.

  36. Elli D.’s avatar

    Congrats and good luck! It must be pretty difficult for a Californian kid to move to the far East. Just kidding, New York is an amazing city. it actually reminds me of my hometown -Toronto- very much. I certainly could get used to living there, too.


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