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Updates, Get Your Updates Here!

Whew. I feel like the fierce storm that has struck New York City these past few days has been a great metaphor for January 2011. It’s surprising, it’s wonderful, it’s sort of a hassle, and at the end of it all, you just want to curl up in bed with a cup of hot (and maybe a little Irish) cocoa.

This is the last sort of general “housekeeping” post I’ll do for a while, I promise. Next week, I’ll have lots of thoughts on SCBWI NYC and Digital Book World coming up. For now, though, I can’t seem to put together a post to save my life in between all the running around, speaking, learning, and, well, you know, agenting on my plate.

First things first: Please register for my Writer’s Digest Webinar! It’s the same one I gave in the fall (kidlit market overview), but probably the last time I’ll do the same material, so don’t miss out! It’s February 3rd at 1 p.m. Eastern but you don’t have to be available at that time to participate (all registered students get a link to the webinar file after and can listen as many times as needed for a full year). I’m giving away a free critique to every student who participates! You can find out more and register by clicking here.

Next things next: For all you SCBWI NYC people… I’m having an informal “meet and greet” for any kidlit fans and aspiring writers to come say hello on Saturday, at 5 p.m. on the Lobby level of the Grand Hyatt, near the elevator bank. I’ll be sitting by the fountain, looking like myself. (I’ll also, I think, be going to the Kidlit Drinks Night tonight, though don’t hold me to that…)

Even next-er things next: I am going to be developing and launching a new idea in February, to do with digital books and apps. Watch out for that. I’m really excited, though I can’t say more right now.

Other things next: There is something not-so-great going on in my civilian life, which I’ll probably post about in a little while. But this is probably why I seem so distracted. (Don’t worry, it’s nothing personally serious and there’s no big announcement coming, but dedicated blog readers could probably guess.)

Last things last: there is something completely awesome going on in my agenting life, which I’ll probably post about as soon as I can. I love sharing stories like this!

I think that about covers it. Time to get ready and head out into the cold for SCBWI NYC! For all those writers and kidlit readers that are going this weekend, I hope to see you there and, as always, I hope you have a very fruitful conference!



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