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Updates, Get Your Updates Here!

Whew. I feel like the fierce storm that has struck New York City these past few days has been a great metaphor for January 2011. It’s surprising, it’s wonderful, it’s sort of a hassle, and at the end of it all, you just want to curl up in bed with a cup of hot (and maybe a little Irish) cocoa.

This is the last sort of general “housekeeping” post I’ll do for a while, I promise. Next week, I’ll have lots of thoughts on SCBWI NYC and Digital Book World coming up. For now, though, I can’t seem to put together a post to save my life in between all the running around, speaking, learning, and, well, you know, agenting on my plate.

First things first: Please register for my Writer’s Digest Webinar! It’s the same one I gave in the fall (kidlit market overview), but probably the last time I’ll do the same material, so don’t miss out! It’s February 3rd at 1 p.m. Eastern but you don’t have to be available at that time to participate (all registered students get a link to the webinar file after and can listen as many times as needed for a full year). I’m giving away a free critique to every student who participates! You can find out more and register by clicking here.

Next things next: For all you SCBWI NYC people… I’m having an informal “meet and greet” for any kidlit fans and aspiring writers to come say hello on Saturday, at 5 p.m. on the Lobby level of the Grand Hyatt, near the elevator bank. I’ll be sitting by the fountain, looking like myself. (I’ll also, I think, be going to the Kidlit Drinks Night tonight, though don’t hold me to that…)

Even next-er things next: I am going to be developing and launching a new idea in February, to do with digital books and apps. Watch out for that. I’m really excited, though I can’t say more right now.

Other things next: There is something not-so-great going on in my civilian life, which I’ll probably post about in a little while. But this is probably why I seem so distracted. (Don’t worry, it’s nothing personally serious and there’s no big announcement coming, but dedicated blog readers could probably guess.)

Last things last: there is something completely awesome going on in my agenting life, which I’ll probably post about as soon as I can. I love sharing stories like this!

I think that about covers it. Time to get ready and head out into the cold for SCBWI NYC! For all those writers and kidlit readers that are going this weekend, I hope to see you there and, as always, I hope you have a very fruitful conference!


  1. Sharon Mayhew’s avatar

    Can’t wait to hear your awesome agenting news! Have fun at SCBWI NY!

  2. Elizabeth Simpson’s avatar

    Devoted reader, here. I’ve been around since your blog’s early days. Just too shy to comment until now. First, I hope the un-fun thing isn’t pet-related. Good thoughts in any case. Also wanted you to know how much all your hard work helps us folks! (I get exhausted just reading your schedule.) Your advice has made a big impact on my writing and even encouraged me to attend the webinar next week AND the Big Sur workshop (as soon as I save up enough $). I’ll be the one eating pretzels in the corner. Meantime, looking forward to your news and more blogs. Thanks Mary!

  3. Franziska Green’s avatar

    This blog has gone from informative and entertaining, to informative and entertaining and FULL OF SUSPENSE! And I’m so not good at waiting… do you have to make us wait to hear about the ‘new idea’ that you’re excited about and the completely awesome thing? Or is this a ‘test’, to see how patience your blog readers can be?! In which case, FAIL for me.

    Sorry to hear about the not-so-great news. I hope the good news buoys you up enough to see you through.

  4. Mary’s avatar

    Elizabeth — It is my little Sushi-bug. πŸ™ Thanks for finally poking out of the woodwork, though!

  5. Marybk’s avatar

    πŸ™ Oh, no. Hugs to Sushi.

  6. Kristin Gray’s avatar

    Oh noes! I wondered if it was Sushi.
    All the best, Mary, and can’t wait to hear about the really great news!

  7. Suzanne’s avatar

    I’ll look for you at the Wheeltapper tonight, assuming I make it, and also tomorrow in the lobby. You’ll be one of the few faces I’m familiar with. πŸ™‚

  8. Kristen Faulconer’s avatar

    Holding good thoughts for Sushi!

  9. Emily White’s avatar

    Ishta Mercurio and I will be there! πŸ™‚

  10. Carolyn’s avatar

    Not Sushi. πŸ™

  11. Kathryn Roberts’s avatar

    Poor Sushi! I admit I couldn’t guess what it was. And just like a ‘writer/agent’ to leave us all in suspense for the rest of the news. I can’t wait to hear all the other news, too! Hope you’re doing great!

  12. June’s avatar

    Gosh. I hope your cat is okay…

  13. Jean Ann Williams’s avatar

    Thank you, Mary, for taking that extra time to blog. Stay warm.

  14. Priscilla Mizell’s avatar

    I’m sorry to hear that Sushi isn’t well.

  15. Lynne’s avatar

    I hope everything is okay with Sushi. Congrats on all the great stuff happening in your agent life, and hang in there with all the plates you’re juggling.

    Take care & thanks for the blog- it rocks.


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