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First Lines

As you can tell, I’m a little late posting my first line thoughts because the SCBWI LA conference is in full swing and I’ve been busy running into, I think, every single person I know.

So instead of trying to force any analysis, I will drop the names of the finalists and then dissect their work and pick a WINNER on Wednesday. First, let me thank everyone who commented and shared their work. Such a supportive community! So much great feedback! Here are the first lines that caught my eyes from those submitted:

Stephanie Garber
Amy D.
Kayla Olson
Karen O’Donnell
Kait Nolan
Ashley E.


  1. Kristie’s avatar

    HA! Great photo. 🙂

  2. M.W.’s avatar

    Love the picture, Ms. Kole!

    I like Silvia’s first line. It’s catchy.

  3. Kayla Olson’s avatar

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on all of these! Thanks for including mine in this bunch. 🙂


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