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Quick Blog Break!

This week, I am in Italy for the Bologna children’s book rights fair. Tough life. Someone’s gotta do it. Etc. Last week I was in France. Again, boo hoo. However, middle-of-the-week trade shows like Bologna and BEA and Digital Book World always throw me off my blogging game, so you’ll have to indulge a blog vacation this week. I’m skipping today and Wednesday on Kidlit, and tomorrow on KidlitApps (my one reader over there will be devastated, I’m sure…hehe).

The good news, though, is that next week I’ll talk a little bit about the international rights market. It’s a topic that might make your head spin, but it’s quite interesting and something I’m obviously getting more into by being here at the Bologna fair. It’s fascinating to remember that our part in the US kidlit landscape is just one piece of a larger puzzle.

In the meantime, I’m always eager for your questions. I’ve had some good ones in recent months, so let’s keep it going. What are you dying to know about writing, publishing, agents, picture books, middle grade, young adult, or anything else? Ask in the comments, and I’ll have answers for you once I emerge from Trade Show Coma. (The cure for that, in Italy, by the way, is più espresso!)



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