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Looking for Interns!

ETA, May 20th: I’m so sorry to close early but the call for interns is now closed. If you’re interested to be considered for future internships, email me and I’ll keep your information on file. But I’ve officially gotten more applications than I can handle.

The other day, someone asked me how I became a literary agent. I started out as a reader at Kimberly Cameron and Associates during the first year of my MFA program. I also interned at Chronicle Books. Then I started reading at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and the rest…as they say…is history. Now, I can’t offer you an agency slot or guarantee you a job, but interning for an agency or publisher is the #1 thing you can do if you’re curious about publishing, agenting, writing, or the children’s book world. It gives you insight into story and editing, as well as context for what other writers are doing. You’ll also learn about the inner working of publishing by talking to your mentor about what’s involved in giving notes to clients, pitching books, and negotiating deals.

In that vein, I’m looking for some interns now that I’m ramping up at Movable Type. This is an open call for all those interested in agenting, publishing, and writing.

You: College student, college grad, MA/MFA/PhD candidate who loves reading, giving notes, deconstructing story, and who wants to learn more about publishing and the marketplace. Ideally you have some knowledge of what’s on shelves today, but are yearning to learn more. You are a writer or interested in publishing as a career.
Your location: Anywhere! This is a remote position and you’ll work primarily over email. If you happen to be in the NYC area, we can have several in-person meetings.
Internship length: Six months minimum, more if it is a good fit, depending on your schedule.
Time commitment: I’m looking for candidates who can devote 5-10 hours per week to reading, putting together data, and otherwise corresponding with me. Only apply if this seems realistic–if you’re about to get busy and know you’ll have to flake out sooner rather than later, thanks but no thanks. We will set schedules and expectations as we begin to work together.
Responsibilities: Reading and responding to manuscripts, first and foremost. You should be very interested in editorial work and like the idea of putting your thoughts into reader reports (examples will be provided). The bulk of your work will be full manuscripts, but I’ll also expose you to the slush pile. Then, depending on your other areas of interest, you will be helping me with editor correspondence, market analysis, marketing, idea development, etc. Every day is different for me–I am always reading, taking meetings, negotiating a deal, reviewing a contract, etc. You should be flexible and be willing to roll with whatever comes up. I want you to get the maximum benefit from this, so I’ll give you tasks that correspond to your interests.
Pay: The good ol’ publishing starting salary of free. Unfortunately, this is an unpaid position, but I hope to reward you for your hard work with access to behind-the-scenes information that will give you new insights into children’s publishing.
Incentives: I’ll offer you some editor contacts at publishing houses, a letter or phone call of reference whenever you’re applying for a job, several phone calls over the course of our work together to discuss your questions or any pertinent issues that arise (if you are working remotely), and lunch on me if we ever happen to be in the same city.


  1. Gwen’s avatar

    This would be an awesome opportunity, and I’d love to apply. However, I’m already doing an internship this summer. Any chance you’ll have another opening in 6 months?

  2. maymun’s avatar

    Is the position open to people in other countries?

  3. Dawn’s avatar

    I just applied! Fingers crossed!

  4. Mary’s avatar

    Maymun – Yes. I’ve actually had an intern from Brazil before. Just as long as there’s no language barrier.

  5. Cara M.’s avatar

    Sounds Awesome, but, I think having sixteen freshman to teach writing to next semester is going to be enough on my plate. 🙂

  6. Melissa’s avatar

    I am a high school student, may I still apply? I am not asking any favors because I am young (although I think that being a teen helps with YA/MG stuff), just the chance to apply. I thought since you specified college students that I should ask. Thanks!

  7. Bee’s avatar

    Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  8. Jennifer Malone’s avatar

    Just applied- fingers crossed!

  9. nadine aucoin’s avatar

    Hi there,

    It is not a secret, I’ve been searching far and wide to find an Agent. I’ve been writing for many years. I made the mistake of publishing two children stories with Publish America, but the learning curve however painful is something I shall never forget. The first story continues with several others making it an extendable series. I have a short novel needing publication, and two others I am presently working on. Just recently I am involved in making my first album–I started out as a song writer, but for numerous years my music sheets have been collecting dust. A friend owns a recording studio and he is producing my album. Please check out my web page,…Need an agent badly,
    Thank you for your time,
    Kind regards,
    Nadine aka Maggie May

  10. Mary’s avatar

    Melissa — Thank you so much for asking. Keep in mind that I am looking for candidates with some work experience under their belts already and high school may be a bit of a stretch. You can apply, of course, and I’ll just have to see your application and decide. Thanks!

  11. K Callard’s avatar

    I was just wondering if you send out a confirmation email upon receiving the applications? I want to make sure that my email went through. Thanks.

  12. Becky Mahoney’s avatar

    Yikes, this closed quickly! Gotta be more on the ball next time. Of course, looking at my schedule, it’s probably for the best. I’m kind of attached to sleeping and eating. 😉

  13. Robert Spiller’s avatar

    Dear Mary
    I’m so sorry I missed out on applying for the internship. Ron Cree (we are in a critique group together) just told me about it but I’ve been on vacation in Florida. I would indeed like to be considered for future internships. I am a retired mathematics teacher who writes full time now (I write the Bonnie Pinkwater mystery series). I regularly judge writing contests for conferences and have been in critique groups for about 2 decades. Also, I will be at the Crested Butte Writers Conference in a month; hope to see you there. Maybe talk over a chocolate martini.


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