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Intern Call Closed

Sorry to close early, but I’ve gotten such an overwhelming response to my call for interns, that I’m almost at the point where I’d need to hire an intern to help me hire an intern. Keep in mind that I’ll offer this opportunity periodically. Everyone who managed to get applications in, you’ll hear from me next week about whether or not you’ve made it to the next round. I’ll keep everyone’s information on file for future intern calls. Thank you all for your responses!


  1. Amy’s avatar

    No fair! We shouldn’t be penalized for taking the time to put together a polished application!

  2. Dave’s avatar

    I’ll have to be quicker next time 🙂

    I hope you find an awesome intern. Well, kind of 😀

  3. Rachel Simon’s avatar

    I had resent my application with the correct subject header on May 21st. I did, originally, send it in by May 18th. Does this mean I’m still not in the possible pool of applications? Thanks for your time and best of luck finding an intern, Rachel

  4. Grace G.’s avatar

    Just sent my app in without checking this, so sorry to clog your inbox by sending it in so late. That’s what I get for letting it sit in my draft folder and tinkering with it. Sorry!


  5. Taylor Ramage’s avatar

    Thanks for creating the opportunity in the first place. Good luck with finding the best candidate!

  6. Flannery’s avatar

    This makes me sad. I wish I’d found out about it earlier. I’ll keep a look out for the next chance. I hope you find some wonderful interns!


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