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Writing Workshop from Mira Reisberg

Two weekends ago I met Dr. Mira Reisberg at the Northern California Central SCBWI Illustrators’ Day conference, where I gave a presentation geared toward illustrators marketing themselves. Mira is a former university professor who taught courses on children’s literature and art and is also an award-winning children’s book illustrator and author. Mira is now teaching online courses including the Hero’s Art Journey, an interactive class starting June 4th (and lasting 6 weeks). The course is designed for very beginning to professional artists, and children’s picture book writers and illustrators. Students will explore their own hero’s journey while learning about a wide range of art techniques and materials, art history, mythology, and picture books in a fun supportive community. Guest video and written contributions throughout the course will come from Ashley Wolff, Marissa Moss, Elisa Kleven, Yuyi Morales, and Maya Gonzalez, in what Mira promises will be a transformative experience. She is also offering my readers a half off discount for $99.00 with this link You can find out more and contact Mira at


  1. Franziska Green’s avatar

    Oooh Elisa Kleven! One of my favourite illustrators. No way I can do this, I’d love to… but moving-to-a-new-country day is approaching. I’ll be packing up all my art materials. Boo.

  2. Mira Reisberg’s avatar

    Mary, thank you so much for letting your readers know about this course. Your presentation really was brilliant at our SCBWI event and very helpful for both artists and illustrators. It was also a wonderful gift getting to know you a little. Thank you.

    @Franziska – so glad you share my Elisa Kleven love. Here’s a link to a little teaching video I made of one of Elisa’s books I’m visiting her next week to film her for a special project where she’ll be sharing her writing and illustration techniques (along with Mary and some other extraordinary people sharing their picture book brilliance). If you’d like to find out more, here’s my newsletter link

    Finally, if any of Mary’s kindred readers are interested, the Hero’s Art Journey e-course registration is open until Sunday June 10th at this discount link

  3. Claudia’s avatar

    Thanks for mentioning this course in your blog Mary. I’ve signed-up and I’m loving it. I can’t draw to save my life! Nowhere to go but up.

  4. Jeni Smyder’s avatar

    Thank you, Mary, for posting this opportunity. Mira’s class is an inspiration –


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