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Happy 4th!

I’m going to go watch some fireworks tonight, have a birthday on Friday, and I’ll be back with you on Monday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It’s a gorgeous day in Brooklyn and I hope you are celebrating your 4th of July with sunshine, family, friends, and good books! A special thank you to anybody with loved ones in the service today.


  1. Kathleen’s avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  2. SC Author’s avatar

    Happy birthday soon! I just wanted to say, over these last few days, there has been on thing I’ve been doing: reading your blog. I keep clicking the ‘Older Posts’ link and I keep reading alll of the awesome posts you have! I’m on page 23 right now, hehe 🙂 (Well, 23 pages backwards from here. The date is September 8, 2010, “How I Evaluate Full Manuscripts.”)

    This blog is GOLD. I love it so much; I don’t ever backtrack to read every post a blogger has done, but I’ve done it this time! I’ve learned SO much. Thank you!

  3. Valeria’s avatar

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  4. Tina Cho’s avatar

    Have a super birthday! Love reading your blog!

  5. Jami SS’s avatar

    Seriously?!? Somebody beat me wishing you a Happy Birthday on your birthday?! Anyway. I’m up at the a** crack of dawn writing like I do every morning and thought I’d be the first. All good. To the point –
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY! Hope it’s full of mayhem and mischief!


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