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Book Giveaway!

Just in time for the holidays, I’d love to give away TWO personalized copies of my book, WRITING IRRESISTIBLE KIDLIT. I just got some new author copies in and they are getting restless sitting on my bookshelf. Instead of making you guys do a bunch of stuff like Tweet or Facebook or blog and provide a link in order to be eligible, I’ll just open this up to anybody who wants to enter (provided you live in the United States for the sake of shipping costs).

If you want to read an interview I recently did about the book with Lenore Appelhans over on the Apocalypsies blog, click here. To enter the contest, leave a comment below with the name you want me to personalize your book to, should you win. No need to also leave an email address as long as you enter it in the form (only I see these). The contest ends midnight, Tuesday December 18th and winners will be announced December 19th. Tell your friends and your writing group!

ETA: Just to clarify, I’m giving away two copies of the book to correspond with two entries by two different writers, not two copies of the book to one entry. I just want to avoid any confusion!


  1. Maddy McBride’s avatar

    I’d love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway! – Maddy

  2. Q’s avatar

    I can’t wait to read this book. (Even if I don’t win it!) Your blog is full of amazing advice; I’m sure the book is, too. <3

    (If the stars align and I do win, please personalize to Q.)

  3. Laura’s avatar

    Your book sounds a-maz-ing, and I’d love to get my hands on a (personalized) copy! My new year’s resolution is to find an agent/get one of my children’s MSS published, so this would be the best book in the world to start with. Thanks. {Laura Edgerton-Riser}

  4. miriam’s avatar

    Would love to win a copy! Congratulations on your book!

  5. Suzie F.’s avatar

    Thank you, Mary, for the chance to win your book! Please enter me in the giveaway. If I’m lucky enough to win a copy, please personalize it to Suzie.

  6. Bernice’s avatar

    Mary, your book is SO on my wish list! I’ve been working on picture books thus far, and I’ll be working on chapter books and moving up to middle grade readers and on to young adult novels in the near future. Your wisdom and advice are shining beacons in the adventure of writing. If I win a copy of your book, could you personalize it thus: “to First Mate, Bernice Seward”? Thank you so much! And many blessing over your writing and “advicing”!

  7. Christine Sarmel’s avatar

    What lovely generosity. Congrats on your publication and best wishes for a wonderful 2013.

    (There aren’t enough surprises in life, so if I’m the lucky winner you can personalize it any way you want!)

  8. Katie Nichols’s avatar

    I would like a copy. I write Middle-grade novels and I want to someday be published. ~Katie

  9. Kirsten Larson’s avatar

    What a wonderful holiday gift for a writer. If I win, please personalize to Kirsten W. Larson. Thank you!

  10. Stephanie’s avatar

    Fun stuff! If I win please personalize it to “Stephanie Deneรฉ Schumann, Rejected Writer Extraordinaire!”

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously though… this book would be awesome. It would def. come in handy… especially since I’m working on some re-writes & edits for my YA manuscript… gettin it all prettied up for some fabulous form letter rejections. Yeehaw.


  11. Kathleen’s avatar

    I would love to win a signed copy. I already have a copy but signed would be even better! I am in the middle now, and it’s filled with awesome advice. Kathleen

  12. Reed’s avatar

    The book looks awesome, I would love to win a copy! Thank you so much for this opportunity!! -Reed

  13. Kimberly’s avatar

    I would love to win a signed copy of your book.


  14. Jamie’s avatar

    It would be great to win a copy – Jamie

  15. Heidi’s avatar

    Fingers crossed that I win! If so, please make it out to Heidi.

  16. Myrna Foster’s avatar

    I’d love to win your book. Thanks for the giveaway! Myrna

  17. Jennifer Malone’s avatar

    i’m looking forward to reading this book over the holidays either way! If I win, please personalize to Jennifer.

  18. Krystyna Lopez’s avatar

    I’d love to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway. If I win, please personalize to Krystyna.

  19. Crystal Schubert’s avatar

    I’d love to win a copy! I’m excited to get my hands on this one, win or lose ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Shae’s avatar

    Oh, yes PLEASE! My library doesn’t have a copy, and I’ve been dying to read it. Thank you so very much, and Merry Christmas!

  21. Theresa N’s avatar

    I’d love to read this book.

  22. Linda C.’s avatar

    I’d love this!


  23. Jeff’s avatar

    Thanks for having the giveaway. Merry Christmas to all.

  24. Katie L. Carroll’s avatar

    I’d love a copy, Mary. You can make it out to “Katie.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Heidi Fiedler’s avatar

    Iโ€™d love to win a copy! Thanks for all the great content you create!

  26. Dianna Winget’s avatar

    I’d love to have a signed copy, Mary.

  27. Melissa King’s avatar

    I put it on my Christmas list, but signed would be even better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. JoAnna’s avatar

    I’d love a copy of this book! If I win, please send a signed copy to JoAnna!

  29. Renee G’s avatar

    Would love a copy (Renee)

  30. Sara Martin’s avatar

    Oooh, I would love to win this!

  31. Katrina’s avatar

    This book sounds great and I would love a copy!

  32. Rebecca’s avatar

    I would LOVE to win a signed copy!!!!!!

  33. Eric Luper’s avatar

    I’m getting my hands on a copy whether I win one or not. I did not know you had a book out, Mary! Hope all is well.

  34. Kellye Crocker’s avatar

    I heard you speak at VCFA and read your blog–I’m sure your book is fantastic! Would love to win. If I do, please inscribe it to “Kellye.” Thanks for doing this, and happy holidays!

  35. Connie B. Dowell’s avatar

    I’d like to enter. To Connie, please.

  36. Suzanne’s avatar

    I’d love to win a copy of your book, Mary. Your blog us always so informative and helpful. Thanks for the give away ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Mary Baader Kaley’s avatar

    Looks like a great book, and I’m sure it’s full of juicy bites of advice. I’d love to win a copy (to Mary), but if I don’t, I’ll be sure to look for it in the stores.

  38. Rachelle’s avatar

    Congrats on your book – I can’t wait to read it! Rachelle

  39. Joan Stradling’s avatar

    Awesome! If I win, make it out to Joan. Thanks! Hope you have a great holiday season!

  40. Jim Hill’s avatar

    I’m looking forward to this book. Winning it would be the cherry on top. if my random number comes up, please make it out to Jim.

    When did you speak at VCFA? *scurries to available lectures*

  41. Chiara Beth’s avatar

    Would love to find this under the tree next week…with my name on it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Lia’s avatar

    I would be absolutely THRILLED to win! I love the blog!

  43. Teresa Fraser’s avatar

    Mary, thanks for the opportunity to win a signed copy of WRITING IRRESISTIBLE KIDLIT.

    I read your interview on the Apocalypsies blog and was reminded to “chase some unrelated-to-writing-and-publishing inspiration to keep ourselves fresh.” Sometimes I do need to get out of my office and revive my writing spirit.

    If I am lucky enough to win, please inscribe it to “Teresa.”

    Happy Holidays, Teresa

  44. Mary Cronin’s avatar

    Your books looks fantastic! Thanks for the contest.

  45. Liz Wong’s avatar

    Would love to win this book for my writer husband! If I win, make it out to Eric.

  46. Caitlyn’s avatar

    I would love a signed copy! If I’m picked, please make it out to Caitlyn.

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Mike Peterson’s avatar

    I would love a copy this book. Make it out to me Please. Great Luck on Future writings. Merry Christmas!!

  48. Lucas Storlie’s avatar

    I would live a copy. I want to learn how to write childrens books so I can write for my nephews, and some day my kids.

  49. Susan’s avatar

    Would love to win a copy!

  50. Josef Bergman’s avatar

    Thanks for your generosity. When I grow up (if I have to) I want to be a KidLitter, like you.

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