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Interview With DIY MFA

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Gabriela Periera who runs a wonderful writing website called DIY MFA. I love this idea. As someone with a traditional MFA, I certainly advocate for getting into a program, but I also see the benefits of structuring your own course of study with resources like this one. It’s a really great idea and I’m very glad that someone is out there in the world doing it.

You can check out the video and write-up on the DIY MFA website, then stick around and learn more about it. Or you can watch the interview below. Gabriela has been kind enough to let me embed the video right here on the blog.


In other news, Cristy Zinn was kind enough to do a blog review of my book and my client Bethanie Murguia’s new release, SNIPPET THE EARLY RISER (Knopf/Random House) was reviewed by the talented Michael Ian Black in this past weekend’s New York Times. You can read about that here.


  1. Christy Luis’s avatar

    Thank you for observing that kidlit distills the world and is more thematically rich than books for other audiences. That’s empowering for the times when I feel like a “dancing monkey,” or that my work isn’t “serious enough.” As a teenager, someone told me YA books were all trash!
    Also: thanks for pointing out DIY MFA. Very helpful.


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