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Welcome Back to Kidlit!

I have been a terrible blogger for the past two months. With some life obligations taking my attention, more freelance clients, and starting a round of professional development classes for the hell of it, I have heaped much more on my plate than I can chew. Lesson learned. (Or is it? I’m still one of those optimistic people who keeps waiting for life to get less busy. “Maybe it will slow down come summer? Christmas vacation? This weekend? Never? Okay, never sounds about right.” Ha!)

Like the broken human robot that I am, taking on too many things at once has tanked my resolve to update the blog. (For a comedic explanation of what happens when I overload myself with too much, click here.) This is not good. This blog has known me longer than most boyfriends I’ve ever had, and it’s a source of great joy and satisfaction for me. It’s also, from what I hear, helpful to writers and a trusted source of valuable information.

So to ease back into posting, I’m giving myself this one as a freebie to reintroduce myself and, I suppose, confirm to my loyal readers and visitors that I’m not dead under a pile of manuscripts somewhere in Brooklyn. I’m also announcing (read: this is for me, not you) that I will now reduce my frequency of posts to once a week, probably on Mondays. That’s a little crappier than my lofty twice-weekly goals but I’d rather have one post once a week than no posts for months and then an apology.

Next week, I will do another Critique Connection to freshen up the pool of available manuscripts and critique partners. Then it will be back to business as usual! Feel free to email me (see sidebar) with your questions in the meantime!



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