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I’m putting together a bit of a thing. Does that sound vague? It’s intentional. A secret thing for writers. (This secret thing for writers is not a sales or marketing thing, don’t worry.) Good Story Company is trying to figure out a way to give writers more to do and higher odds at success.

Right now, I’m looking to connect with writers who consider themselves to be in one of these three groups:

  • I have more ideas than time to write them. You aren’t precious about each idea that comes across your imagination. After all, there are so many! If you’re brimming with story worlds and potential projects but don’t want to do the actual sweaty craftsmanship of writing each one, reach out.
  • I’ll write anything, just give me an outline and a deadline. You aren’t precious about each word you write or each draft of a project. They’re all means to an end. Writing’s a business and you just want to get out there. You can write about anything, and write well. You just struggle with the conceptual part.
  • I got voice on top of voice but don’t know what to do with it. Everyone compliments you on your voice, but you haven’t yet made it truly sing on a project that’s gone anywhere. Maybe, with a little guidance, you can shine.

If you’re curious about this even in the slightest, let’s connect. No pressure. Nobody’s taking anything away from you. Nobody’s asking for anything for free. This is not, I repeat, any kind of sales or marketing. I’m just looking for a small group of likeminded writers because I have a vision—and I realize how woo-woo that sounds. For this super vague call-out, I’m looking for writers who think this sounds woo-woo and weird in a good way, not woo-woo and weird in a negative or suspicious way. (This opportunity, at present, is for novelists only, not picture book writers.)

Remember, I’m  your friend. I have loved the hell out of my writers for over a decade. And with one notable exception, I’ve treated you right. So go out on a limb with me here. If you’re already published or represented, especially, I want to hear from you. Nothing is being signed and no ideas are changing hands, except one that, I hope, will change the right handful of writers’ careers.

Email me: mary@goodstorycompany.com

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  1. UGH! I responded to your request via email, but it “disappeared” and I’m not sure you got it. I checked my Gmail SENT box and there’s no confirmation there. Did you get it? UGH!

  2. OK, let’s try that again.

    I fall into the first category with an overlay of perfectionism. So, I’ve got great ideas and do the research (because I’m a librarian and it’s the place I go to “hide” and be productive) but then I’d like to outsource the project to another writer. In fact, I have tried to do this. No one has taken me up on it.

    So, the perfectionism and the absolute stubborness I have does not let me let go of a project until it is sold. So, I’ll keep at a project I’m not in love with, but, I have good ideas on the horizon I consider “great.” (Got that so far?) I have had five major projects and five were published.

    I also wanted to contact you about professional counseling.

  3. Like Dee, I wrote a comment about the blog written by Kristen Overman on 2/3/2020. After posting, it disappeared…
    Basically, I read her article right after watching a video from Eckhart Tolle so I was totally confused, lol…
    I don’t mind woo-woo…It’s been my modus operandi my whole life, even before I knew what the heck it meant.
    I was fortunate enough to have a great-uncle who was an inventor and freethinker who was totally into Edgar Casey. To my family, he was a lovable kook…To me, he was a fascinating, kindred soul. As a teen, he told me many things, including how to open myself up more to incoming info. Uh, ideas, epiphanies, that sort of thing. Of course at fourteen, I had no idea what he meant by the ‘Universal Mind’. Still, I followed his advice and within days, I was flooded. Over the years, I have indeed come to understand, and would love to explain his simple method to ignite creativity. How’s that for woo-woo, Mary?

    1. Comments go into moderation sometimes and aren’t immediately displayed, but the GSC blog is hosted on Squarespace and an email leaving Dee’s email service provider seem like separate instances to me, I’m afraid! Sorry to hear you’ve had some tech issues. Your uncle sounds like a character. I responded to your email this morning.

  4. I’d love to hear more, Mary. I am an agented children’s author with many books to my credit. Previously, I held many jobs and did freelance work as a journalist. To learn specifics, please see my website.

    Best regards,

    1. I’m afraid this is not so much a “direction” opportunity (it is, at a very high level, but not as much for establishing writers who are looking for a lot of guidance), but you’re welcome to inquire!

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