Publishing Predictions for 2012 and a WD Webinar

I’m putting some digital-related publishing predictions on KidlitApps tomorrow, if you want to take a gander. I’m also going to be speaking on a panel about picture book apps in Palo Alto, CA this Saturday, January 14th, from 4 to 6. If you’re in the area, I really encourage you to come by and learn about it. More info here:

An SCBWI SF South Saturday Series Event

Saturday, January 14th, 4-6 pm, First Congregational Church of Palo Alto

Please join us as industry insiders share their experience and wisdom around the explosive new world of picture book apps. Learn about this potential-filled market and find your place in it! A wine and cheese reception will follow the presentations.


Sam Berman, Co-Founder of book app developer Grids Interactive;
Alan Katz (via Skype), children’s picture book author and writer of the book app, Andrew Answers;
Mary Kole, agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency and blogger

SCBWI members $10 advance/$15 door; Non-members $20 advance/$25 door (join SCBWI to receive the member rate!).

Click here to RSVP!


Also, I’ll be speaking about picture books and how to write and publish them in a Writer’s Digest webinar on Thursday, January 12th at 1 p.m. Eastern. You can call in or listen to the talk online, in the comfort of your home or office. If you’re not available at the webinar time, you can still register and receive a recorded version of the talk via email next week, once they put all the information together.

I’ve given this picture book webinar once before, so if you’ve already heard the picture book version, this will be the same information. However, new students and returning students alike get a 1,000-word picture book critique from me!

To register for the webinar, click here.

If you want to hear me speak in person, I’ll be appearing at the Writer’s Digest Conference in Midtown NYC from January 20th to the 22nd! I’ll be on an agent panel, will be participating in Saturday afternoon’s agent Pitch Slam, and will have my own talk about children’s writing and the marketplace on Sunday morning. Whew! It will be a busy, busy weekend, but I can’t wait to meet more of you in person. It’s not too late to register for the conference, and you can do so by clicking here.


Finally, those of you watching the publishing business…what are YOUR publishing predictions for 2012? Other than, of course, you getting one or many steps closer toward your own writing and publishing goals. At least, that’s my prediction for all of you! 🙂

7 Replies to “Publishing Predictions for 2012 and a WD Webinar”

  1. Sounds like a busy January! I wish I lived near any of those places, I’d love to attend. Your Writer’s Digest YA Webinar was fantastic, so I would definitely recommend any picture book authors out there to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunity.

  2. I’m predicting lots and lots of apocalypse submissions. Which, if submitted this year, won’t see the light of day as the world will have gone kabut by the time they would have been published. (Is that verb construction even right?!) Fun, fun.

  3. That link wouldn’t work for me… should the new post be on kidlitapps.com? I just get the older Amazon post.

  4. I’m sensing more contemporary and historical YA trending in what’s being pubbed; Steph is probably right that submission-wise it’s probably lots and lots of apocolypse and dystopian given Hunger Games coming to theatres and Twilight finally winding down (or is it??). I would guess a rise in Steampunk since it seems to have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Maybe more sci-fi in YA? That would be cool but I’m not holding my breath that paranormal romance is done dominiating.

  5. Seconding Julie – wish I could go, if I lived even in the same timezone! I think there’s a lot of agents looking around for things ranging from steampunk to horror – I do agree I’m a bit tired of paranormal romance (though I’m biased, as its not my cup of tea to begin with, anyway)

  6. Sci-fi is the next big thing in YA.

    Things will boil to a head during the presidential elections when no one likes any of the candidates.

  7. I can only guess what 2012 will bring for YA books. I hope there will be something really new and different that will take everyone by surprise.

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