WILDEFIRE Teaser: NYC Shenanigans

Yesterday was a wonderful day spent in NYC with my debut YA client Karsten Knight, whose novel, WILDEFIRE comes out on July 26th from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. We started the day off early with a breakfast sales and marketing meeting at S&S, walked around, introduced Karsten to the editorial and design staff, did a really cool promotion thing, went to lunch with Karsten’s editor and her fabulous assistant, then caught a movie (True Grit…awesome) to wrap-up the perfect day, before Karsten went off on yet another exciting meeting. I can’t share too much more about it, but here are some pictures to tide you over:

Karsten looking stoic in front of the S&S building.

Deep inside the S&S offices lurks a green, hand-eating tiger. Watch out!

What a truly satisfying day in the life of a literary agent, getting to accompany a client to a publisher that is doing such great things for a truly phenomenal book. Are there enough biased adjectives in that last sentence or what?

6 Replies to “WILDEFIRE Teaser: NYC Shenanigans”

  1. Can’t wait for Wildefire’s release! So excited for both of you. 🙂

  2. Livin’ the dream, Karsten. Livin’ the dream.

  3. How exciting! Can I just say that I am in love with the cover? Every time I visit your blog, I just have to look at it.

  4. Congrats to you and Karsten! I can’t imagine a better day than the one you two just had!

  5. Looks like an awesome day! I can’t wait to read Wildefire. Interesting fact: my second cousin worked on the sound team for True Grit… he’s nominated for an Oscar for it, actually!

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