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Think of Me, Think of Me, Sushi

Bizarre post title, right? I don’t often get personal on the blog (there are many more exciting, writing-related things to talk about!) but I could really use some cheering up this morning. Almost exactly a week ago, my cat Sushi (whose name I love to insert into popular lyrics, as you can see, above) got sick with an infection and stopped eating. She’s an older kitty — maybe 14, though I don’t know for sure because I adopted her — and some health problems are par for the course, but she got sick so suddenly that I’m really having a hard time coming to grips with it. I’m just not ready to lose her, less than a year after I lost my other kitty, Smokey.

She’s been to the vet and has quite a collection of medicines that I’m hoping will make her comfortable and heal her right up, but I don’t know if it’s looking good. She still hasn’t eaten on her own and the longer that lasts, the less chance of recovery. In lieu of a blog post today — I doubt I’d have anything intelligent to say, as my thoughts are elsewhere — I want to ask for some good energy and some well-wishes for my beloved Sushi, seen here.



  1. Angela L. Fox’s avatar

    Sending good thoughts and well wishes to Sushi and you.

  2. Jeni’s avatar

    Sending many, many good thoughts for Sushi.

  3. Stella Michel’s avatar

    Offering up my get well wishes for Sushi.

  4. Linda B.’s avatar

    She’s beautiful! And she’s been lucky to have you. I’m saying a little prayer for her.

  5. Nancy Parish’s avatar

    Wishing Sushi a speedy recovery. Sometimes tuna makes it all better. I also have a black cat as a companion. They are great felines. Take care,


  6. Paulette’s avatar

    Oh Mary 🙁

    One of my kitties spent a few days in the ER last month and everyone I know thought I was crazy to shell out so much cash for an animal. They just don’t get it, do they?

    Here’s hoping your sweet baby is comfortable and on the road to recovery. Keep us posted!

  7. Emily Hainsworth’s avatar

    Sending ALL good kitty vibes your way, Mary. ~*<3*~

  8. Suzie F.’s avatar

    Sending positive thoughts for both you and Sushi!

  9. Ev’s avatar

    I’m a cat person myself and my cat Ozzie and I send all the best to Sushi. May all be well soon for you and Sushi.


  10. Elan Cross’s avatar

    Get well soon, Sushi. My prayers are with both of you.

  11. Melissa’s avatar

    Best wishes to your furry little person.

  12. Michele Tennant’s avatar

    I’m an every animal person. Hang in there, I really hope Sushi gets well. 14 isn’t that old for a cat anymore. We’ve had cat’s that lived to be 21 and beyond. And just ignore any of those people who don’t get how you would be so upset over a cat. Our pets become a part of our family, you have every cause to be concerned. Here are more wishes that she pulls through.

  13. Laurie McCuddy’s avatar

    Mary: I am thinking good thoughts for Sushi. I love animals, and have lost a couple along the way, so I know what you’re going through. They are such precious souls. Hang in there and I hope Sushi bounces back.


  14. Sharon Mayhew’s avatar

    I hope Sushi is on the mend! I’ll be watching your blog for an update. Congratulations for being named one of the top 100 writer’s digest blogs.

  15. Wendy Greenley’s avatar

    My fur family and I are sending good thoughts for Sushi your way.

  16. Brandi Hall’s avatar

    Hi Mary.

    I hope Sushi is feeling better since your post. I understand what you’re going through, as I found out a few months ago that my cat has a rare form of cancer. Seeing our babies in pain is brutal!

    Oddly enough, when Mylan won’t eat regular food…or even drink water…the only thing that makes him eat is TUNA! But here’s the thing, it has to be regular tuna (not chunck white albocore)…and you need to mash it up. Also, be sure to put tuna juice on it when you give it to him, and add a little water to it. My cat LOVES tuna water. Gross, I know…but it’s the only thing that works. You should give it a try.

    Hope Sushi is doing better.


  17. Elaine Long’s avatar

    Lots of love to Sushi. Feel better kitty!

  18. christine tripp’s avatar

    When my 18 year old cat showed the same signs as Sushi, this past Winter, I also began offering Salmon, Sardine and Tuna juices from the can (and very tiny bits of the fish broken up in the bowl. Also very low sodium chicken broth seemed to be popular, you can give that a try (he seemed to really like Campbells Free Range Organic best… fussy cat!:)
    He still struggled with the fish bits to get them down but drank enough of the liquids.
    It’s so hard. Just when you think it’s the end, they perk up and recover, other times….. there is just nothing to be done but love them and make sure they are still enjoying their life.
    We suspected a growth either in the throat or stomach was to blame but at his age, there was no point in going to a vet and putting him through tests. When he got to the stage of not even wanting to move, I had to do the right thing by him.
    It’s so very, very hard when a beloved pet is nearing the end of their lives. I wish you strength and Sushi a speedy recovery.

  19. Julie Hedlund’s avatar

    Sending all of my good thoughts and good vibes to you and Sushi!! I hope she feels better soon!

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