50 Replies to “Great News!”

  1. That is so awesome. I love your blog and I quote you all the time to people.
    Congratulations. ALso so sorry about your cat. So hard to have sick animals. My dog died this past winter and it was awful – still miss her. They become so much apart of our lives.

  2. Congratulations. I always find your blog full of great advice and information, especially the query critiques you did a few weeks ago. Sorry about your cat.

  3. Wow! Congratulations!
    Thanks for being so generous with your time and knowledge, and for working hard to give us such valuable advice.

  4. You deserve it, Mary. Your posts are thoughtful, helpful, and generally excellent, and the help you’ve given so many of us to find critique partners will result in some excellent books. Brava. Much applause.

  5. You absolutely deserve it. Thank you for every bit of knowledge and advice you’ve provided on your blog. And for holding contests as well. Congratulations to you.

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