How to Write Dialogue: Tips From the Masters

Today I want to discuss how to write dialogue, but I feel like you’re all pretty thoroughly sick of me by the midpoint of Revision-o-Rama, and rightfully so. I’ve been blabbing my mouth off for quite some time. So instead of bloviating about writing dialogue rules, I’ll let writers who actually write excellent dialogue do it for me! (I’ll also compile a link or two from what I’ve previously written on the subject… anything new I try to write will start to feel redundant and, as we all know, redundancy is one big thing to get rid of during revision!)

how to write dialogue, writing dialogue rules
Check out these resources for tips on how to write dialogue that’s crisp and authentic.

Excellent Thoughts on How to Write Dialogue

A lot of tips on writing dialogue can still apply as tips on revising dialogue. If anyone has great posts from other blogs that I’m missing (and there are a lot, I’d wager), leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list so that this can become a resource for the future.

20 Replies to “How to Write Dialogue: Tips From the Masters”

  1. I’m definitely not sick of you either. Thanks so much for the list of resources. It’ll be fun to read through them all.


  2. There is a lot of verbal diarrhea in cyberspace but your website is sparkly clean! Thanks for these great links, they sent me off on a journey through several sites I’d not come across before. Now I just need some time to digest the information I found (and stop typing before this metaphor gets any yuckier).

  3. Most (good) writing and publishing advice is redundant. I just like the way you put it–succinct and fun. So please, keep it up.

    And have a great holiday season!

  4. All — Aww, thanks for the kind words! I really wasn’t having a moment or fishing for compliments, but they’re nice to hear. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying Revision-o-Rama!

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