Tennessee Auction Update

Hey all, here’s my post from Tuesday, edited with today’s information:

My query critique sold over the weekend (to fabulous blog reader Marybk, who got it for herself as a Mother’s Day present! Yay!). I’m so thrilled to be able to help (with your help, of course) the flood victims in Tennessee.

Next up from me is a full manuscript critique that you can bid on until midnight, central time today: Do the Write Thing for Nashville. (Direct link to the item here.)

This opportunity includes:

  • One full manuscript (up to 100,000 words, please) critique of a YA or MG novel
  • A 30-minute post-critique phone call for the winner to talk about the notes and answer any publishing or career-related questions

My critiques are in-depth and thorough, as many readers would know from the workshop series I did on the blog a few months ago. Now imagine that for your whole manuscript! Plus, I don’t know you personally and have no other goal beside making your manuscript the strongest it can be, so you’ll get honest, professional, constructive, helpful feedback that’s not sugarcoated. I want you to grow as a writer and really get to that next level.

So head on over to the blog and bid on my full manuscript critique. You have until midnight Central time today to bid. I’m so grateful to all the people who are bidding over there and changing lives with their generous donations!

Check in with the blog tomorrow for the promised BIG NEWS!

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  1. Congrats, Marybk. (And I thought my new coffee pot was a nice Mother’s Day gift. . . lucky you!) I checked out the bids on a number of items. There is some serious bidding going on!! I bet your full MS critique will reach close to $1K, Mary. Can you imagine??

  2. Wow, there are some seriously amazing people in this industry! Congrats to Marybk, and I agree, Kellie, Mary’s full ms critique will go for A LOT. Good luck to everyone! I’m really wishing I had a paying job, now, so I can bid as seriously as everyone else. Instead, I’m doing the old fashioned donating 😉

    Mary, you and the others offering up goods/services are truly great people. Thanks!

  3. ChristaCarol. . . I have a paying job and couldn’t compete with those bids. Yowza! I think I could afford the Dolly Parton clothespin doll, though. I was tempted. . . .

  4. How much longer do we have to bid on it? I saw that it said day 6. I thought you could only bid up to five days? Thanks 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for donating this, Mary. I might have to get out my boxing gloves for this auction!

  6. Mary, thank you for participating in such a great cause. Before I became a part of the writing community, I never knew such generosity. Brings a pang to my heart.

  7. Naomi: They have clarified that Day = Round. So Mary’s auction for the full MS review was posted today, which is day 6. And if I am understanding this right, the auction closes off at midnight (make sure to mind the time zone!) on May 13. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!

  8. Thanks, Mary, Kelly, and Christa. It’s a great opportunity and I’m…GAH…excited! 🙂

  9. Congrats Marybk! The full critique has already gone way beyond my bidding budget. It will be interesting to watch and see how high it goes. =D

  10. I’m sort of thinking about blowing my entire charity budget for the year on this auction.

    I was thinking that maybe this could be something that gets done every six months or so. But every six months, a new charity is picked. If they can raise $10,000 in a few days, imagine what they could do over the years. Clearly writers are willing to spend the money, AND it’s a tax deduction. It’s win/win!

  11. Go for it, Erinn! This is definitely a great cause. Good luck!! And congrats to Marybk 🙂

  12. Man I wish I could compete with these very generous bidders! It is so wonderful to see so much money donated in such a short time. And the items up for auction are AMAZING!
    You’re right Erinn, an auction like this one every six months, or even yearly, could do so much good around the world.
    Alas, a critique from Mary would have been delicious. Can’t wait to see who wins:)

  13. Wow, that’s a lot of money. It’s awesome of you to donate your time, Mary. Sorry it’s too rich for me.

  14. Congrats on hitting 1K, I’m betting you’re going to hit Janet Reid numbers of $1300.

    I’m still debating if I’m going to keep bidding. I really want it. Like really really want it.

    I can afford this? right?

  15. Erinn: Consider it a donation and an investment in your future. (If I could, I would!)

    I’m betting it goes to $1,500. But I only have $1 to bet.

  16. It is amazing of folks to bid such generous amounts but it’s also amazing of the folks giving up their time for free. Sometimes hours in the day are worth as much or even more than cash (I know I’d pay some hard cash for just one hour extra per day!). A full critique of 100,000 words is huge!

  17. This is so fantastic. Love seeing this!

    Can’t wait for the “big news” you mentioned. 🙂

    Happy Friday EVE.

  18. As a Tennessean, I’d like to thank you for your help in raising awareness for those in my state that lost everything. Also, I appreciate you calling it the Tennessee Auction, and not the Nashville Auction. The floods ravished parts of TN from Memphis through Nashville and on East to about halfway to Knoxville.

    My family was lucky and we managed to miss most of the floods, but my sister was unable to work because flood waters from the Cumberland submersed her office’s parking lot. It missed the building by three feet. 🙂

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Tennessee maybe known as the Volunteer State, but it’s refreshing to know that others are willing to help us too.

    Best Wishes!

  19. Heidi — Thank you for your message. You also emailed me a little while ago and my reply to you bounced back. Is there another email I can try? The email I tried to send to matches the one you left here for the comment…

  20. Holy cats, Mary. $1,500! (No one took me up on my $1 bet.) Wow. You have some serious fanage out there!

  21. KellieD — Um. Wow. I know. I am shocked right now. No pressure or anything! I can’t believe how amazing these writers are and how generous the bidding.

  22. Ryan Gebhart says:


    Mary, you are HOT stuff!!!! And apparently everyone knows it too.

    woooooooo good causes ftw.

  23. Fabulous. Generous. Wow.

    Mary, you ROCK!!!


  24. Mary, thank you for upping your donation to the top 5. I am floored. If there are words to convey that kind of thanks, I don’t know them. So, thank you.

  25. Go to bed and the world goes crazy (and seriously empties their piggy banks). Wow, Mary. That was a twist — one that raised $10k! Congrats to the very generous bidders. So much fun to watch you all spar for a great cause.

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