Welcome Ella Davis!

It’s such a pleasure for me to be able to post this on November 30th, which has been a significant day for our family. (It was on November 30th, three years ago, that our daughter, Nora Pepper, was born, only to pass away sixteen days later from a very rare disorder.)

This year, we have something—or someone—new to celebrate: Eleanor “Ella” Davis was born on Halloween, 2020! Happily, she is thriving, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the world.

“Eleanor” is a subtle nod to Nora, and “Davis” honors my stepfather, who suffered a debilitating stroke on November 1st, 2019. Even though she’s her own wonderful little lady, Ella has some fantastic guardian angels watching over her.

Ella joins older brothers Theo (4.5) and Finn (21 months). They are tolerating her so far. Ha!

My husband, Todd, and I, are so happy to be done building our family. Ella is the perfect ending to a long and somewhat tumultuous story. Or, rather, the beginning to our journey as a family of five.

2020 has been an incredibly long haul for so many people, and for so many reasons. But our 2020 has ended on a high note, and we find ourselves incredibly grateful for the support of our friends, family, my amazing team at Good Story Company, and all of you Kidlit readers out there who have followed my personal story over the last few years.

Photos by the amazing Abigail Niemann Photography.

38 Replies to “Welcome Ella Davis!”

  1. OMG Mary, what wonderful news! Welcome little Eleanor Davis, may your life be full of love, happiness and wishes come true! God bless you and your beautiful family! ❤️

  2. Mary – Such amazing news! I’m so happy for you and your family in welcoming Ella. Wishing you all love, joy, and happiness in the days, months and years ahead.

  3. Mary – I feel I know you through your blogs, webinars, podcasts, and your wonderful book. You are a gift to those of us aspiring children’s writers.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful news – congratulations to you and Todd and brothers Theo and Finn. Beautiful Ella. And darling Nora will always be a lasting light and memory forever.
    Best to all, Ellen

  4. Wow! That news, and Ella, are just lovely. So sweet to hear happy news these days. Wishing you all the very best.

  5. This is the MOST WONDERFUL news!! Welcome to the world little Ella Davis!! I am so very happy for you and your family, Mary!
    With much love,
    Nancy West

  6. So delighted to hear this news , Mary … as with the arrival of Finn, another bundle of balm for your family–and her brothers clearly can’t get enough of her!

    Mary, when you posted about Nora Pepper a few years back I shared with my tweenage and 11 year old daughters your family’s story. We were all saddened by her loss …

    I will share your new pics of the beautiful Eleanor with them (lovely name) …

    Have a joyous 2021 with your family of five,


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