WriteOnCon This Week!

Hey all. If you’re thinking that you’d love to attend a virtual writer’s conference for kidlit writers only — maybe you’ve never experienced a conference, maybe you’re still nursing your SCBWI-LA-is-over-for-another-year blues — you’re in luck. This week is WriteOnCon, a fantastic virtual kidlit writer’s conference put on, in part, by one of my fabulous clients, Jamie Harrington.

WriteOnCon features editors, agents, and published authors who will be writing articles, doing vlogs, giving presentations, hosting chats, answering your questions, hanging in the forums, and otherwise interacting with writers all week long.

The conference runs from Tuesday, August 10th, to Thursday, August 12th, is completely online, is completely FREE, and features a special vlog presentation (about character depth vs. character stereotypes) and a live chat with yours truly.

Check out WriteOnCon here, and register today: http://www.writeoncon.com.

I’ll also be hanging out in the forums this week and answering questions, so watch out!

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  1. Can’t wait. What an awesome idea. It has already been fun meeting people in the intro forum. Planning to get all my (real) work done today so I can participate tomorrow! That Jamie is one cool client!

  2. Great idea. I’ll miss much of it for my day job, but the FAQ says there will be transcripts.

  3. I printed out the schedule today, and it’s going to be amazing!

    I’m glad I can check out many of the events at a later time so I don’t have to get up in the wee hours of the morning (I’m in AZ so there’s three hours difference). I’ll be participating in the live events as much as possible (some fall during dinner, but I’ll eat quietly).

    Looking forward to “seeing” others there and learning as much as I can!

  4. Natalie Aguirre says:

    Can’t wait for it. It’s going to be awesome. Thanks for participating. I’ll have to miss some because of work. It’s going to be so hard not to go on the site all the time.

  5. I’ve never been but it would be horrid if anyone were experiencing “blues” from the SCBWI Summer conference. Way too much money spent to come away from it not content.

  6. Christine — I meant blues that the SCBWI LA is over! It’s such a wonderful conference that it’s hard to leave it.

  7. I signed up yesterday and have tried repeatedly to go to the website today with no luck. Perhaps too many users online?

    Disappointed. Really wanted to check this out.

  8. I’m sure Jamie will pop on here to give an update. . . but just in case: there are Twitter updates saying to go here: http://lisa-laura.blogspot.com/ until the WriteOnCon site is back up. They’ve got their techies on it.

  9. Joseph Miller says:

    WriteOnCon is back up and running… and it’s really good. Lots of excellent articles.

  10. I’ve tried all day and can’t get in. I’ve followed on lisa-laura’s blog but I’m not sure everything is uploaded to it. Loved the mythbusters.

  11. Another option that’s been working for some: GoogleReader. I haven’t been able to get on the site, but can get to the content through GoogleReader.

    I feel so awful for the organizers that they’ve had to deal with this after all of their hard work in planning. Seems like Mac users have had better luck getting on. Some folks are tweeting content through #writeoncon.

  12. I think they must have had more interest than they expected. It looks like the site was up and down all day (mostly down).

    Hopefully, they’ll have all the kinks worked out for day two!

  13. Had a lot of fun on chat tonight, Mary. And, you’re not a nerd! 🙂

  14. Thanks for helping get the word out! It’s been amazing having you participate with us this year! Thank you!

  15. You had me at Rubic’s Cube.

  16. Sheri Dillard says:

    Hi Mary,

    Just dropping by to thank you for all the great info at WriteOnCon. (What an amazing conference!)

    I loved your post about character stereotypes and how you ended it with something completely unexpected. (Very impressive Rubik-cubing! And I loved the dramatic-pause before you got started!) 🙂

    Do you know those triangle peg puzzles? When I was a kid, we’d always stop at Howard Johnson restaurants during long road trips, and my sister and I loved trying to figure out how to solve that puzzle. We finally did.

    Fast forward, oh, 30 years or so, and I’m at a Cracker Barrel restaurant with my husband and three sons. I spot the triangle peg game. I pick it up, and with all three boys watching, I get it down to one peg left.

    Blew their minds. 🙂

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