Callout for Successful Query Letters!

Have you gotten an agent or a publishing deal with a compelling query letter? Would you mind sharing that letter with me so that I can use it in a very exciting class that I’m teaching? (I can’t reveal the class just yet, but stay tuned for news this fall.)

I am always on the lookout for awesome examples of query letters, but I obviously can’t use a query from my agenting days without the author’s permission. If you’d be willing to generously allow me to reprint your query in an online class and discuss its strengths, I would be so grateful! (I’ll even throw in access to the online class for free to the writers whose queries I end up picking!)

This callout is for queries you’ve used successfully to get an agent or a publishing offer. They can be in any category or for any genre.

Please email them copied and pasted or as attachments to: mary at kidlit dot com

Thank you so much for your willingness to share your awesome queries with the next generation of aspiring writers!

5 Replies to “Callout for Successful Query Letters!”

  1. After sending out query letter after query letter (elevator pitch of book, a little about me, brief synopsis, etc) with no joy, I finally took the ‘personal approach’.

    However, instead of focusing on me, I focused on the agent himself. I opened the letter by mentioning and admiring the recent success of one of his authors, whose book was making serious waves in the industry.

    It was clear from this opening that I’d done my research about the agent and his agency, as well as about the authors he represented, and had something positive to say about what they’d achieved together. I think this may have made my letter stand out a little from the rest, and give him a little extra push to actually read my submission.

  2. What they said . Looking forward to the class!

  3. Dolores Carlson says:

    I’m looking for samples of query letter for a book proposal to Hallmark. Any help would be appreciated.
    Dee Carlson

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