Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year


It’s funny that this picture was taken in October and, already, it’s out of date. Theo is now 9 months old and about to walk. He’s babbling and getting into trouble and so big. There’s so much to be grateful for this holiday season. Theo is happy and healthy, pulling books off the shelf for me to read. My husband, Todd, has just opened a new restaurant, Red Rabbit, in downtown Minneapolis with a focus on fun, approachable, satisfying Italian food. Though I took some time off this year to get into the swing of motherhood, I continue to work with wonderful freelance editorial clients through my consultancy, Mary Kole Editorial.

Coming up in the new year, I have WriteOnCon (February 2-4, 2017). I’m involved doing critiques, and this is a great online writing conference. There are a few other things in the works for 2017 that I’m very excited about, but can’t really discuss at the moment.

Please share your 2017 writing resolutions in the comments to inspire your fellow blog readers, and me! I can’t wait for another wonderful year. Though a lot of people would rather see 2016 over and done, I have to say, it’s been a great one here at Kidlit! As always, I am so, so grateful for you, my wonderful readers. I can’t believe it’s been eight years of learning and discussing issues related to writing and publishing together. Here’s to many more!

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  1. Abbey Lile-Taylor says:

    That’s Fantastic all around!!

    I’d like to be able to find the time to finish my children’s book. (I’m totally stuck right in the middle knowing *how” I want to finish, but having trouble with the actual writing part. Ugh.) I also have a non-children’s book idea that I have bouncing around in my head that I’d like to put on “paper” this year.

    *sigh* We’ll see if my 3- and 1-year-old will let me have any time to do that. 😉

    Happy Holidays & Happy, Happy New Year!!

    1. Good for you, Abbey! Even if you spend 10 minutes a day on your writing goals, you will have a whole lot accomplished by this time next year. I’m a new mom, I totally get it. I try and find that time for me, no matter how hard it is!

  2. Cat Moleski says:

    My new year goals are to finish editing my WIP and start a second round of queries with it while I draft a new work and start editing last year’s draft. Good luck to all writers with their goals for next year!

    1. Great goal, Cat! I love your attitude of working on something new even as you’re querying. I always recommend that writers have something in the pipeline, so that they always have something to work on and they never lose momentum. Happy New Year!

  3. Monica Chessmore says:

    I have two goals for 2017. One, to read kid literature as a writer. Too often I find myself reading for enjoyment, but when I read as a writer and take notes, I learn so much on how to improve my craft. Second, I want to join/create a writing group or find some critique partners. Happy New Year!

    1. I’ll trade you, Monica! I can’t read for enjoyment much anymore without engaging my editor brain!

  4. @Monica: If a book seduces you into forgetting to take notes, that’s a sign it’s a great book to learn from! When I read not-so-great books, I pick them apart like a writer. When I read fairly good books, I admire them dispassionately like a critic. I know I’ve found gold when a book sucks me in and makes me laugh/gasp/cry like a real reader. That’s what I want to do with my stories, so those are the books worth studying.

    My goals for 2017 are to finish up and sell my cozy mystery novel for adults, and to finally start writing the YA fantasy trilogy I’ve been planning for years. This story is the reason I picked up Writing Irresistible Kidlit and began following this blog. I’ve been scared to start writing it because it’s super high concept, with epic romances and betrayals and sword fights all over the place. I’m not sure I can pull off “the feels,” as the cool kids say. But “the feels” won’t write themselves, so I have to get started sometime!

  5. Hi everyone , I’m new to the blog but really enjoy reading it. I’ve been writing and revising a serires of children’s picture books since 2014 and my resolution for 2017 is to actually start submitting them into publishers. After a few more finishing touches of course! Good luck to all on your writing goals this year!

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