In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed it, I did my first-ever vlog for WriteOnCon, which was last week. If you haven’t gotten over there to read any of the content, do yourself a favor and block out the afternoon today. There’s so much good stuff. Also of interest might be the chat transcript from my session with agents Suzie Townsend and Joanna Stampfel-Volpe and Simon Pulse editor Anica Rissi, which you can find here (to access the chat transcript, click the play button in the screen…it will play an ad and then it will load the content and you can scroll through it).

There’s also a secret about this video. Some of my clients know it and urge me not to share. I have to admit, I’m intrigued by maintaining the mystique a while longer. Sorry, readers!

In other WriteOnCon news, the organizers had over 11,000 visitors to the website for the three-day conference. Wowza! That’s huge! To keep a good thing going, they are planning on hosting some ongoing events, contents, and chats, and I will, of course, participate more. Look out for more good WriteOnCon stuff, coming up.

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  1. Adele Richards says:

    You’re not wearing any trousers (pants)….?

  2. I love this! Great vlog, and it’s so good to see you again (since DFW). The rubix cube is awwwesome, and you made it such a great illustration. Lots of stuff I will keep in mind as I write.


  3. Mary: You should offer some sort of prize to anyone who can correctly name the secret. Like a KidLit t-shirt made from Josh’s new banner. (Can you tell I really want a t-shirt — not that I’d be eligible for a prize.)

  4. Sheri Dillard says:

    Wait. I’m pretty sure it’s a rule or something that you’re not allowed to SAY you have a secret unless you then TELL the secret. (Isn’t that a rule?) I’m pretty sure it’s a rule. 😉

  5. Loved WriteOnCon! Saw your vlog and many others. Learned a lot. AND you cheated while redoing the Rubix cube–you pulled the sticky colors off and rearranged them.. . . not! Hm, your secret . . . you filmed this at the library because you haven’t finished moving yet.

  6. I did watch this on writeoncon and it is brilliant. this weekend I found my daughter’s rubics cube in a “for garage sale” box and retrieved it. It’s a perfect totem (ala Inception?). As always, Mary, a concise, creative analogy. sniff, sniff, I smell a book in the works.

  7. Holy cow, that was great. The advice was spot on. Loved the rubik’s cube thing, too. Thanks for sharing this video, I’ll be watching it again.


  8. I KNEW it was actually your identical twin giving the video instead of you. Totally called that one.

  9. LOVED WriteOnCon and watched your vlog there. And I love the new header!

  10. Hey, Mary! This vlog is awesome. Great advice and teaching, and you made it so entertaining to watch. (Yeah, you blew my mind with the Rubics cube at the end… with the fact that you finished it without even looking.)

    I’ve linked this vlog in my YA critique group, and we’re using it to do a weekly exercise, answering the questions you raised for the characters in our WIPs. Thank you again!


  11. Loved the vlog! And I know the secret of how you solved that Rubics cube. 😉 I’ll let you tell it, though.

  12. Is the secret like a video game cheat code? We punch in a combination of letters/joystick directions and we’re transported to a new level of character awesomeness?

    Thanks, as always, for your great advice :).

  13. Natalie Aguirre says:

    Your vlog was great. It had such good content. And of course your amazing Rubik Cube talents.

  14. I believe your secret about the video is that the end portion is actually played backwards to look like you solve the cube, when in reality you were mixing it up. Am I right?

  15. Beth — I cannot confirm or deny. 😉

  16. Emily McD says:

    You should do these more often; in fact, all agents should! It really gives us a chance to get a feel for you as a person. 🙂

  17. Mary—Not a problem. I used to do solve the cubes in under a minute when I was a kid. (I wasn’t a genius. I just memorized the answer book.) In my high school speech class, I did a speech on how to solve the cube. In the middle of it, I twisted when the cube wasn’t square and the entire thing exploded. The pieces bounced over the entire room as I scrambled to get them. Very trying for an otherwise shy student, but it’s possibly the only speech that anyone else in the class remembers. I know I’ll never forget it.

  18. Great video, and Ooo Ooo Squee I think I solved the secret!!!!! 😀 *zips lips* Exciting, exciting, and this was really well said stuff, but honestly, what else did we all expect?

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