Just for Fun: “Word Crimes”

Because my very favorite recording artist in middle school was Weird Al (yes, I was that hip in middle school), I give you a video on his take on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” It’s all about the crimes perpetrated by, oh, texting and the Internet and general numbskullery, on the English language. Of course, I’ve never encountered any linguistic butchery from any of my esteemed agenting or editorial clients, but this one is certainly good for a laugh. 😉

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  1. I caught Weird Al being interviewed today on one of those morning shows. He said this disc marks the end of his RCA Records recording contract. Although it’s his last album he’ll ever do, he plans to explore digital distribution. He said this means we get to see more of W.A.Y, a lot more current, and sooner since we won’t have to wait until he has twelve songs to put out an album. My favorite WAY song was ‘Eat it.’ Of course Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo deserves kudos regardless. Incidentally, ‘Eat It’ ranked higher on the charts, here in Australia, than MJ’s ‘Beat It.’ Hmm, I guess that tells you something about us Aussies.

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