Seeking Writing Service Providers!

Do you (or someone you’ve worked with) provide non-editorial services to writers? Services can include:

  • Graphic/cover design
  • Book layout
  • Formatting for Kindle/ebook publication
  • Book production
  • Self-publishing consulting/services
  • Marketing/PR
  • Social media support
  • Ghostwriting
  • Illustration

This is an opportunity to be included in a resource guide.  I’m always getting requests for ghostwriters, cover designers, book formatting, etc.

Please contact me at mary@kidlit.com or leave links in the comments. For all service providers, I will ask for examples of successful work you’ve done, so be prepared to talk about your services, your experience, and give a sense of your pricing. If you’re a writer who has used a service that you are THRILLED with, please spread the good word and let me know. Thank you so much.

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  1. Hi Mary Kole,
    I’m a fiction author and poet but I also have a business called Desert Rocks Creative Writing. If someone needs some writing for their business such as copy-writing for a sales page, or a poem for an Anniversary, birthday or some other event, then they might want my services. I have over twenty years of experience in writing. I have written many poems for children’s books on mindfulness, but sold my rights. I also write poems and songs with faith-based themes. While I don’t want to do ghost-writing, I am happy to help anyone sound wonderful with my words.

  2. I offer self publishing services/consulting, formatting for creat space and kindle. See my writer services on my website at rebeccayelland.com.

  3. Marta M. Mobley – Story Editor

    Over the last twenty years, Marta has worked as a writer, producer and story editor on 65 independent film and television projects, a dozen literary projects, including writing 5 books. Developing and producing 40 films, 4 reality series and 2 drama series for HBO, Lifetime, The FX Channel, AMC, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, The Disney Channel, The Hallmark Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, & TV Land.

    Marta most recently she wrote a media advocate memoir and 3 children’s middle grade books in addition to teaching a successful memoir class in Los Angeles, CA.

    Website – http://www.martammobley.com

  4. I can do Book layout and Formatting for Kindle/ebook publication. I’ve learned typography and how to use Adobe InCopy and InDesign, and I really enjoy it. I just did both of these on my book which I just self-published on Amazon. amazon.com/dp/1980517789

  5. Hi Mary, I was forwarded your link from a contact at the BNCWI Buffalo writers group I belong to. I would love to be included in your resources guide. I’ll email you some more info, but here’s some basics:
    I’m owner and creative director of Buffalo Creative Group. We are a Graphic Design and Website Development studio specializing in Book Design and Author Promotion.

    Our Services Include:
    • Book Cover Design
    • Interior Book Layout
    • Author & Book Websites/Blogs
    (Basic website packages start at $700/yr)
    • Book Trailer Videos
    • Promotional Materials for print/web
    • And more…

    I have over 25+ years experience in the graphic design industry-and am now enjoying my current work in the publishing industry and helping self-published authors. View our portfolio for samples of our work: http://www.buffalocreativegroup.com. Thank you!

  6. Mary,
    I’m a huge fan of yours, and I so appreciate your posts on writing. Thanks for this call.
    Writers have hired me to edit and ghostwrite their blogs, Facebook posts, Tweets, and more. I especially love helping women writers come up with social media strategies to get their stories into the world.

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