Welcome Theodore!

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to baby Theo, born March 11th. We’re doing really well as a new family and he is loving all of his wonderful books. He’s especially a big fan of Oliver Jeffers so far, from what I can tell. Or maybe I’m just projecting. 🙂

Theo’s entrance was a whirlwind. He was born about three and a half hours after we got to the hospital. He’s now smiling, eating, sleeping, and going through diapers like he owns Pampers stock. We just put his newborn clothes away because they got too small. There’s this little rhinoceros onesie that made me cry as I packed it up. I can’t believe I’ll never see this kid in it again! I can’t wait for him to grow and learn and become his own little person, but I don’t want him to age another minute. He has already gained three pounds since birth. Oy!

Spring has sprung in Minneapolis, finally, and I’ve been taking him on walks around our lake with our two dogs in tow. They are fiercely protective of their little brother, and can’t wait to be his best friends for life, once he’s more able to play.

My freelance editorial business is still up and running, in case you’ve been curious about my services. I have been working from home since 2005, so I’m always working, and never working at the same time. Other freelancers will know what I mean! It’s a juggling act but I am more than used to it.

Life is great! Some of you probably read my post about the journey to get here. I’m happy to report that it was all worth it, and that I’d do it all again tomorrow because motherhood has brought me so much* already in these five short weeks. Thank you to everyone here for your support and good wishes. Back to our scheduled programming next week!





* everything but sleep!

Photos by Brooke Ringdahl.

16 Replies to “Welcome Theodore!”

  1. Priscilla Mizell says:

    Congratulations! Such a lovely family.

  2. Jennifer Laughran says:

    Congrats, chica! And welcome, baby Theo! <3 xo

  3. Mary Baader Kaley says:

    He’s beautiful. Congratulations!

  4. Abbey Lile-Taylor says:

    Yay!! What a sweet, gorgeous boy!! Congrats to you both!

    They just grow up waaay too fast, don’t they? I’m sitting here looking at my 8 month old thinking, “Wait. Weren’t you just born?” Exciting and sad and exhausting and amazing…and you’ll love every second.

    Sending lots of love to your growing family!

  5. Alice Fleury says:

    Congratulations Mom and Dad! What a wonderful bundle. Theo’s family looks content and I hope can stay calm through all the firsts.

  6. Aw, congrats! He’s so sweet! Love the name–I’m having a baby Theodore in September! 🙂

  7. Kelly Sonnack says:

    Congrats Mary! So happy for you!

  8. Lori Mozdzierz says:

    What a beautiful family photo 😀

  9. Many congratulations! A precious gift.

  10. Mary Warth says:

    Congratulations to mom and dad! Welcome baby Theo!
    Here’s to a wonderful first year.

  11. Elizabeth Simpson says:

    Hooray!! I’ve been checking every day, hoping to see a photo of baby Theo. Such a beautiful, intense gaze! Congratulations and best wishes on this new journey. 🙂 Isn’t motherhood a trip?

  12. Mary Erickson says:

    Congratulations. Enjoy the thrill of being parents. Wishing you all lots of love, laughter and good health.

  13. Congratulations! Baby Theo is adorable!

  14. Gretchen Lancour says:

    Such a beautiful little peanut! Nice choice on his name. I have a Theo too. Congratulations, and welcome to the Mom Club.

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