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By request, I’m letting this post be a way to find virtual critique partners. I’ve done these in the past, and people have reported finding good connections.

It’s simple. In the comments, please post:

Category: What you write, whether MG, YA, picture books, etc.

Genre: If you write in a specific genre

What You’d Like Critiqued and How: Are you looking for a partner to exchange pages with as you’re writing, someone to read an entire novel, etc. If It’s a bigger manuscript, maybe note the word count.

How to Get In Touch With You: If you’re not comfortable sharing your email, you can type it in a way that discourages spam (mary at kidlit dot com), or you can ask potential partners to reply to your comment…then come back and see if you have any nibbles.

It’s a little old school to do this on a blog, but if you’re looking for a critique partner going into the holidays and New Year, I can vouch that my blog readers are some of the smartest and best looking kidlit enthusiasts around! 🙂

In other news, I’ll be doing some critiques and participating in this year’s WriteOnCon in February. It’s a completely interactive online writer’s conference. I’ll post more as their website for this year gets up and running.

8 Replies to “Critique Connection”

  1. Definitely interested in a critique partner. I write picture books and am trying to work into chapter books for easy to moderate readers.

  2. I have a couple reliable critique partners, but would love to find some more. I have one MG Sci Fi manuscript that I am currently querying, but may need more beta readers if I decide I need to do another round of revisions. I also have another MG project in the early stages. I might be interested in exchanging pages of that one at some point soon. Please reply to my comment if you are interested. Thank you!

  3. I am one of Meg’s critique partners (see above) so I can vouch for her. I have an upper MG contemporary novel first draft, and I’d love to get another beta reader for it. I’m happy to read and give feedback on your manuscript or work in progress. Shoot me an email at evamarie.patrone at gmail dot com.

  4. Hi Meg,

    I have two complete MG action/adventure novels in different stages of revision and always happy to exchange work with a fresh pair of eyes.



  5. Nathan Lyon says:

    Thanks for posting this Mary!

    Six weeks ago, I finished a first draft of MG manuscript. It is realistic fiction. I am following Mary’s advice and forcing myself to let it sit for a little while longer, but I plan to use the next several months to revise, revise, & revise some more. I would love find a critique partner or two to give me feedback on the first few chapters, or even the entire manuscript.
    My email is nwlyon80 at gmail dot com.

    Meg, if we sound like a good match, shot me an email!


  6. Michele Ames says:

    Hi Vicki. If you’re still looking for a critique partner for your PBS, let me know. I’ve written several and a middle grade novel,too. My email is mcames12 at gmail dot com.

  7. Caroline Yu says:

    Hi, Meg! Are you still interested in a crit partner? I’ve got an upper MG fantasy I’d like some feedback on and would love to exchange. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at c dot roberts dot yu at gmail dot com. And just put some note in the subject line so I know it’s you. Thanks!


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