December Critique Connection

Every once in a while, I open up the blog comments to a Critique Connection, a post where you can hopefully meet some new critique partners. To participate, leave a comment on this entry with the following information:

  1. Your genre (ie: fantasy, paranormal, realistic, historical, etc.)
  2. Your audience (ie: picture book, MG, YA, etc.)
  3. A little about your manuscript (practice your one-line “elevator pitch”)
  4. What you want out of the experience (a critique of your XX,000-word mss., someone to read your first 3 chapters, help with your query letter, etc.)
  5. Your email address for potential partners to contact you (I’d type it in the following format: mary at kidlit dot com, so that you avoid spam bots.)

Only post a comment for this entry if you are looking for a critique partner.

In other news, I am going to take a Blogcation the last two weeks of December and the first week of January, (Dec 19 to Jan 6) so there will be no new stuff on here during those three weeks on any of my blahblahblogs. However, I’ll ramp up my “From the archives” Tweets, so if you’re not following me on Twitter and Facebook, click those links and do so. I often pull out old articles that are still just as pertinent to writing and publishing as they were when I wrote them and broadcast the links to those who may not have been readers yet. I’ve got a blog full of material from early 2009 on, so there are a lot of posts to peruse!

38 Replies to “December Critique Connection”

  1. 1. Fantasy
    2. YA
    3. A princess discovers that her memory of a boy she fell in love with has been taken from her so she would marry the king of a country hers has been warring for the past twenty years.
    4. I’d like someone who would be willing to do a whole MS after the holidays. Right now it’s at 67,000 words but I want to get it up to 75,000 words after my first revision during these next few weeks.
    5. jennalizis [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this! I’ve been on the look-out for critique partners or betas. 🙂

    1. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
    2. Young Adult
    3. Sixteen-year-old Clementine has one more shot to prove she’s worthy of old age and safety from the poisonous moon, not just another disposable Surface kid.
    4. I’d love a critique of my 60,000-word manuscript.
    5. My email is stephanieheart7 at gmail dot com

  3. Here’s my entry:

    1. Genre: paranormal
    2. Audience: YA
    3. Pitch: The city of Saint Augustine, Florida is littered with ancient sprawling trees, beautifully detailed structures, and a history darker than most would accept as the truth. Augusto and Jennifer are about to discover that their past can’t stay hidden for long within a city notoriously known for its murderous secrets and ghostly legends.
    4. Someone to read the first two chapters and query letter.
    5. deathly at love dot com

  4. A mystery for readers 9 to 13

    A year ago, I completed my first Dog Leader Mystery: Chasing Fire written for middle grade readers. I am currently writing my second and third in this series.

    Elevator Pitch:

    Twelve-year-old Nevada doesn’t just love dogs she rescues them. Sheep, dogs and horses need Nevada’s quick and daring help as her small town of Eagle Creek breaks out in fire after fire, setting Nevada hunting clues on the identity of the firer setter.

    I would like someone to read my first three chapters. My email is dtfwriter@gmail.com.

    Thanks Mary!

  5. 1. Dystopian / light sci fi
    2. YA
    3. In an adventure where Tarantino’s Kill Bill meets Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, teen physicist dance assassin Bex Blixen heads out to rescue her kidnapped sister, but winds up the lone hope to prevent the technology for black hole generation from falling into the hands of the evil Dr. Andronicus.
    4. Critique of first five chapters
    5. bethanyjoycarlson at hotmail dot com

  6. Genre: Contemporary
    Audience: Upper YA
    Pitch: Cacey becomes a stripper to save her family, but her choice could tear them apart and ruin her chance for love with the preacher’s son.
    What I Would Like: A read-through of the manuscript (50,000 words). Where are you Bored, Confused, or Don’t Believe It (B,C,D)? I would read an entire manuscript in exchange and critique the same way.
    My Email: BrittanyMelson at gmail dot com

  7. Katherine Henderson says:

    1. Magical Realism
    2. MG
    3. Two kids follow their dad to Morocco for a month. Expecting new food and sights, they also get a magical prophecy, flying carpets and a talking camel.
    4. Critique of first few chapters
    5. katherine dot henderson 9 at gmail dot com

  8. 1. Genre: Urban fantasy
    2. Audience: Adult (sorry, this one’s not kidlit! 🙂
    3. About the manuscript: A young magical inspector is grounded in Baltimore as punishment, where he gets wrapped up with an enterprising fortune teller, a predatory bartender, and a mysterious mind-control factory that threatens everything he has to live for.
    4. What I’m looking for: I’m hoping to have someone critique my completed 75,000-word manuscript, but we can start with the first 30 pages and see if we’re a good fit from there. The ms has already been edited for spelling/grammar/etc. and I’m looking for an big-picture type critique. My turnaround is pretty quick and I’m happy to trade critiques.
    5. contact: vnotions at gmail dot com

  9. 1. Contemporary
    2. MG
    3. WIP – AMELIA FOOTE ROLLS ON is the story of a nine year old girl’s search for a new best friend and her refusal to believe that a boy named Wheeze could be the perfect fit.
    4. Critique of first six chapter and more if CP relationship worked well for both.
    5. marileehaynes at hotmail dot com

  10. Contemporary Fiction


    Cali White loves two things: Drag racing and Milo Eckles. With Milo out of reach, Cali delves deeper into racing and becomes addicted to the speed. Events unfold and in the end Cali is left all alone, with the knowledge that Milo loves her and that she has made it impossible for them to be together.

    I am looking for a serious critique partner who can help me hone my novel and prepare it for publication.

  11. And of course I’m the dork who leaves her email off the comment. 😛 Sorry, guys!

    amyrosethomas at yahoo dot com

  12. Courtney B says:

    1. Urban fantasy/a little on the paranormal side
    2. YA
    3. After the death of her mother and first boyfriend, Kisha finds herself with a knife in her hand and her second boyfriend murdered. Convinced that she’s a cold blooded killer, she only wants to find the answers she needs to make things right again.
    4. Critique of first three chapters
    5. ILoveBrandon1028 at hotmail com

  13. 1. Multicultural magical fantasy
    2. YA
    3. Mrs. Ugabi never told Andrew that his uncle was a retired magical salesman who traded dark contraband dark magical objects. If she had, Andrew would have never paid him a visit, nd would have never taken the stone, and those seven warlocks would have never come after him and his family.
    4. Critique of the whole manuscript complete at seventy-five thousand words if it’s not too much, thanks.
    5. jacobjones94@yahoo.com

  14. genre: fiction
    audience: picture book
    a little about manuscript: book is about a little girl who learns about her skin tone.
    what i want out of the experience: a critique of my 600-word mss.
    my email address: mywhateva (at) me (dot) com

  15. Here’s another entry.
    1. Paranormal fiction
    2. MG and YA
    3. Frederick never enjoyed playing with other children like all normal kids do, he was okay making up stories with his best friend, an African superstitious girl who is also a know-it-all. All he ever wanted was for his father to spend time with him, and to like him for who he was. But when you have a father whose idea of a son is one who plays ball with other children rather than spend time making up stories, you kind of never get that wish. Then a psychologically unstable spirit appears offering to possess Frederick and help him learn how to play sports and do things like other boys his age, that’s when the trouble starts.
    4. A critique of the first three chapters is okay.
    5. jacobjones94@yahoo.com

  16. William Joel says:

    1. Science Fiction
    2. MG
    3. The aliens are trying to take over the earth, again, and this time they’ve come disguised as common weeds.
    4. I’m for someone to read the mss and ask good questions.
    5. aniprof at optonline dot com

  17. Kathy Lay says:

    1. Adventure (Christian worldview, but subtle)
    2. MG
    3. A self-appointed vigilante, 8th grader Butch Lawson is recruited by an ethereal secret agent to combat malevolent forces and change the life trajectory of a hell-bent child superstar.
    4. I’d love a complete critique. It’s roughly 50,000 words and I plan more editing before anyone sees it. 🙂
    5. kathy dot lay at hotmail dot com

  18. Alicia Alves says:

    1. Fantasy

    2. YA

    3. Fifteen-year-old Penny finds out she’s the lost Persephone. Now she has a new husband, a new kingdom, and a new enemy trying to take it all away.

    4. I would love a complete critique. It’s about 50, 000 words but I want to edit it first so I’m looking for a critique partner for a little bit into the future.

    5. alves1990 at live dot com

  19. Ellen Rozek says:

    1. Thriller
    2. YA
    3. Recruited by the government to help fight terrorists, eighteen-year-old Naomi must keep her growing friendship with a dangerous gang member a secret from her employers—and her enemies—if both of them are to survive.
    4. A complete critique would be great. This novel is complete at 79k.
    5. ellenmrozek at gmail dot com

  20. 1. Contemporary
    2. YA
    3. Amelia is a semi-reformed bad girl who is trying not to fall for the boy next door while making it out of senior year alive.
    4. I’d love a critique of the entire (53,000) MS and query too! And I’d do the same in exchange.
    5. rebeccakbarrow at gmail dot com

  21. 1. Surreal Fantasy
    2. YA
    3. Elsa has always lived on the Road of Broken Dreams, alone save for two companions, a dog and an old teddy bear. But after a dangerous encounter deep within the woods, the road begins to change, and Elsa’s world starts to crumble.
    4. I’d love a full manuscript critique. This novel is currently complete at about 78k.
    5. nerdfighterwriter at gmail dot com

  22. Mike Robbins says:

    1. Fantasy
    2. MG
    3. Lucky O’Leary is a headstrong girl who wants nothing more than to leave her boring small village life and go on an adventure into the world beyond. You know what they say about being careful for what you ask for!
    4. I have only 7,000 words so far. Would be willing to critique an entire ms. I’d really like to link with a whole critique group. I’ve never done that and know I’d benefit from it and be able to contribute.
    5. mikerobbins at robbinsmagic dot com.

  23. 1 Paranormal with a more sci fi twist
    2 YA
    3 Lexy must choose between obeying her family or following Kaden, a werewolf, for a chance to save Jason, the boy — I mean zombie of her dreams.
    4 I am looking for a whole manuscript critique sometime towards the end of January, but I’m willing to read someone else’s sooner, as long as they’ll read mine later. I’m also looking for a long term crit partner or two
    5 miriam.caldwell at gmail dot com

  24. Genre: Upper MG epic fantasy

    Logline (though I haven’t worked on it much): When Dwyth doesn’t qualify for the Spitting Lizard Battle, an annual contest in which the fifteen-year-old kids in his tribe telepathically control giant lizards and are assigned roles in society based on the results, he runs away in search of his place in the world.

    I would like a critique of my currently 65,000-word manuscript called UNGIFTED, and am willing to do the same for my partner’s (regardless of length, unless it’s ridiculously long). However, I am looking for a critique down the road, maybe a month or so, so keep that in mind.

    Email: cvonhalle [at] gmail [dot] com

  25. 1. Contemporary/ realistic fiction
    2. YA
    3. Because of unusual family circumstances, Cat has always tolerated her father’s rigid control over her life, but when she befriends Adam, a newcomer to town, Cat realizes she must redefine her relationship with her father to acheive the independence she craves.
    4. I would like someone to read the first 3 chapters and more if the critique relationship is working well. I’ve just had a lightbulb moment (see Mary’s post on the BIG REVISION), so I need a little time to get ready.
    5. julia dot tomiak at gmail dot com

  26. middle grade: dystopian/speculative

    12 year old Agnes is able to travel to parallel worlds, some with people dead or dying due to various catastrophes. She must find a way to stop worlds from being destroyed, without being discovered- or becoming too distracted by a boy she keeps meeting. Then his father becomes her main suspect.

    I’m looking for someone also writing middle grade (dystopian/speculative/light sci-fi), to swap first chapters and critique.

    mmstewart8 at gmail dot com

  27. Georgia Parker says:

    1. realistic fiction/mystery
    2. YA
    3. Maggie has just turned sixteen and given up on boys after what happened July 4th weekend, so she’s surprised when she attracts the attention of hot Trevor Teague. She must sort out her mixed emotions when she discovers that he has a dark side. On top of that she can’t ignore the feelings she has for Brice, her best friend’s brother.
    4. I would really like someone to read the first three chapters. Let me know if you might be interested.
    parkerg at trinityprep dot org

  28. 1. Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
    2. YA
    3. Seventeen year old Ben Porter dreads the return of his older brother from Afghanistan. He knows he’ll be invisible once again, especially since John is coming home a decorated hero. But Ben soon realizes something isn’t right when John disappears for three days, only to reappear, claiming he can fly.
    4. I’m hoping to find another great critique partner, just like the one I found here last time. At this point, my MS is only in the beginning stages, but I’d like someone to do a quick 3-chapter read through to see where I’m at and hopefully, work with on an ongoing basis. I’d be happy to look at a few chapters of someone else’s work, also.
    5. heidilab at yahoo dot ca

  29. Fantastic!

    1. Urban Fantasy

    2. YA

    3. Magic and sorcery blend with the back-alley deals and backstabbery to be found in 1930’s Saint Rosden. Thomas Kaiser accidentally swallows a magic stone, and one of the many people who want the stone kidnaps his mother as collateral. Two private detectives offer their services to find her, in exchange for the stone–assuming it doesn’t bond with Thomas’ body and kill him first.

    4. I’d really like someone to read the first 3 chapters. The MS is complete, but I need to know if the hook is there.

    5. larkin_j at rocketmail dot com

  30. 1) Fiction
    2) Young Adult
    3) I am a beginner! I have several ideas and just want someone to work with, possibly start a writers group 101.
    –bounce ideas off of, find out about conference, help each other get started!
    4) email is sylindalee@yahoo.com

  31. 1) sci-fi-ish

    2) MG

    3) JJ Jones longs to have adventures in the great big world around him, but his dad insists that he stay home, safe, at the bottom of San Francisco Bay. Because he’s a jellyfish. When JJ secretly dons the robot suit his father has developed for him and leaves without permission, he must use every ounce of his tiny but powerful brain to save his friends, defeat an enemy he never knew he had and get back home.

    4) I’d like someone to critique the first few chapters. If we have a good working relationship, work together through the whole manuscript. I’m planning on keeping it around 35k words. Will need to start the critiquing in Jan after the kids go back to school!

    5) amy at rosecityrealtors dot com

  32. Rin Chupeco says:

    1. Fantasy
    2. Upper Middle Grade
    3. Fifteen year old Dexter Gallagher discovers his long-absent father is actually a powerful warrior from Faer. Not only is the latter now taking custody, Dexter also finds himself in possession of a rare firebird of latent magic that turns into an affectionate but mute girl by night – and there’s a wicked Snow Queen who’d absolutely kill to get her hands on her.
    4. A good critique of the MS, either in the first three chapters or in its entirety (whichever the preference).
    5. paleberry at gmail dot com

  33. (big thanks for the networking opp Mary)

    1. Fantasy

    2. Upper MG

    3. manuscript of about 65000 words, but in first instance I’m keen to swap a critique of the first 5,000 words to see if we ‘click’. My ms has been professionally assessed but Im currently doing a major revision so will be ready for swap around Feb/ March 2012.

    4. Twelve year old Jasmine Jones didn’t set out to be an evil dictator. She has enough trouble avoiding bullies, let alone plotting world domination. The kidnapping of her brother and only friend Alex, throws her into a magical adventure where she discovers her destiny—and it isn’t pretty. Ultimately Jasmine must save herself, to save everything.

    4. arun at arunaway.net

  34. 1. Fantasy (talking animales)
    2. Picture Book
    3. The story is about travel told through the eyes of a traveling animal. The animal has different adventures in different places–the story is planned as a series with each book featuring a different destination–but the specific story I’d love to have read takes place in Boston.
    4. I’d like an honest critique of the idea and the manuscript (very short, intended for a young child’s picture book). I’d also love some tips on writing a query letter for a picture book.
    5. meganguidi gmail com

  35. 1. Magical fantasy
    2. Chapter book for elementary grades
    3. Kids in a classroom gain momentum when writing and their words become real in a hallway at the back of their school.
    4. I have a first draft that I’ve been trying to revise for over a year now. I need help and motivation with the revision process, an honest critique and support. I’d love to be paired up with a writing buddy and/or a group to help with revision.
    5. lilymjones@gmail.com

  36. 1. Fiction
    2. Picture book
    3. This is the story about ‘the fun aunt’ who is staying with her two nieces while the parents are away and about all of the fun/trouble that they get into – ending with the parent reaction to it all!
    4. I’m looking for someone to critique the story, my writing style, etc.
    5. saratweiss at gmail dot com

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